Growth & Scale: Jenny Martin on How Marketing Is Change Management


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Imagine having the responsibility of overseeing corporate marketing services to support the growth of a title company with over 70 offices and 4 brands. Now add in the responsibility of overseeing the national division sales and operations with a focus on growth – a monumental task – and you can begin to experience what it feels like to wear a lot of hats. Yet, for Jenny Martin, the Senior Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer at Futura Title & Escrow, it's all in a day's work. Though the official title doesn’t include "change management," it's a role she has embraced with fervor and finesse.

Defined by the Webster's dictionary as "a set of techniques that aid in evolution, composition and policy management of the design and implementation of an object or system," change management has become Jenny's unsung specialty. Jenny, the self-proclaimed "Queen of Verbal Ideas," is a fountain of concepts that help to fuel the growth of Futura’s family of companies. But she's learned that orchestrating change within her team is far more crucial than simply conjuring new ideas. After all, presenting ideas is fruitless if there's no willingness to shift from the status quo and adopt something new.

"Marketing is all about growth. To grow you need to evolve which requires ongoing change management with potential customers and your internal team," Jenny affirms. "Effective change management boils down to communication." But how do you communicate amidst the clamor of competing demands for attention?


Peter Senge is a systems scientist and renowned author on change management and leadership. He asserts, "People don’t resist change; they resist being changed!" Isn't that the truth? People hate being sold to, yet they wholeheartedly embrace making a purchase when they perceive personal value themselves. Think about your recent Amazon buys.

Did you get swayed into buying that Snuggie, the famous blanket with sleeves, or did you convince yourself it was the only thing missing from your nightly Netflix routine?

This principle holds true for you, your team, and your customers. It's why Jenny sees her role as more than an idea generator or project manager. She's an "idea merchant," presenting concepts to her team, gathering various perspectives and obtaining buy-in when implementing initiatives. Jenny believes this is the process that fosters teambuilding and growth.


"We aim for each brand to shine in its own way" Jenny shares. "To scale effectively, our teams needs to trust and believe in the direction and the systems we create." So, how does she cultivate trust with her teams?

In Jenny's words, "It all starts with acknowledging that change is a challenge."

Indeed, change is a profound undertaking. Imagine how much trust a REALTOR® invests in a title company with their files, or how much a team member relies on their manager’s support for an unproven idea.

Change is tough, especially when it involves altering how one operates or whom they choose to do business with.

Recognizing the difficulty can pave the way for smoother conversations. And just like the wisdom of childhood, a spoonful of sugar – or in this case, a smile – helps the medicine go down. Jenny has found that approaching her team and potential customers with a smile on her face can go a long way in fostering trust and personalizing the sales process.

Yet, the simplicity of a smile becomes a challenge when life or business becomes hard. Last year, Jenny experienced the loss of her mother, Joan Williams, after a long battle with Parkinson's disease. Despite the heartache, Jenny was most heartened by her mother's ability to smile through it all.


 This poignant lesson reinforced that a smile can make a significant impact, even in the toughest situations. A smile, along with an optimistic outlook, creates a sense of unity and shared success.

Jenny's final revelation revolves around the power of belief. For her, being a catalyst to evolve and change within an organization hinges on genuinely believing in the message being conveyed. It's crucial to answer this question: How will our ideas, products, or services truly benefit those who entrust us with their valuable time and resources?

Jenny Martin's journey isn't just about evolving by implementing change; it's about sculpting it with authenticity, vision, and the warmth of a smile. In a world of transformations, she stands as a beacon of how change can be more than just a concept – it can be a catalyst for growth and connection.

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