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Communication Starter Package

Get started with CloseSimple's Standard Package, offering essential tools for efficient title management. Automate email and text communications, track progress with The Pizza Tracker for Title™, maintain brand consistency with custom branding, and integrate seamlessly with your title production software. Simplify your processes and improve client communication with CloseSimple's user-friendly platform.

Starts at $695/month


  • Automated email & text communications
  • The Pizza Tracker for Title™
  • Custom branding
  • Integration with your title production software


CloseSimple Starter Package 2

"Fully Digital" Portal Package

Elevate your title process with CloseSimple's Portal, expanding upon the Starter Package. Enjoy enhanced collaboration, seamless document sharing, mobile-friendly forms, secure wiring instruction delivery, and the flexibility of E-Sign Anything. Streamline workflows and enhance client interactions with our comprehensive portal solution.

Starts at $1,195/month


  • Everything in the starter package plus...
  • Collaborative Portal
  • Two way document sharing
  • Mobile-friendly forms
  • Secure wiring instruction delivery
  • Ability to add E-Sign Anything

Go Digital by CloseSimple

Customer Case Study

"Realtors can open up their portal, they can see all their closings with WACO ... they can take that guesswork out."

WACO Title

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