The Title Company’s Guide to Texting ~ Get the Credit you Deserve!

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With so much uncertainty in the world, being connected mattersWe're committed to helping you stay connected to your customers with automated texts, custom branded emails, and the Pizza Tracker for Title™.

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Do you want to grow your title company?

Is it hard to stand out from your competition?

Do realtors want better updates during the closing?

Are consumers confused when they come to the closing table?

Are you looking for a way to send text messages during the closing?

Has a “Pizza Tracker” type of timeline been on your mind?

Does marketing, technology & software give you anxiety?

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The Pizza Tracker for Title™

If you know the exact stage of your $10 pizza while it’s being made, then why can’t you for a $400,000 house in the title process? Keep your brokers and homebuyers in the loop through automated text and email updates so they feel secure every step along the way.


It’s time you were able to text.

Automatically text updates to realtors, buyers/sellers, and mortgage lenders throughout the title process. The title process can be confusing. That’s why many of our title company clients get more business using CloseSimple because their brokers and homebuyers feel less agitated and more in control.

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Send polished, custom, branded emails.

Just like text updates, you can automatically send email updates to realtors, buyers/sellers, and mortgage lenders throughout the title process to keep everyone in the loop.

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CloseSimple seamlessly integrates with your Title Production Software to automatically pull all of your customers' data. That means no more double data entry. Choose your Title Production Software below to see a demo.


Don't see your integration? We're always working on including more.
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