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Keep Customers Updated at Scale.

Stop sending Manual Status Updates. CloseSimple allows you to Automate the Texts & Emails that your Closing & Escrow Staff send to customers.

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Integrates with:

RamQuest  | SoftPro | ResWare | GreenFolders

What People are Saying

Shonna Cardello

"I was looking for a solution to streamline the process and track the progress of the file for clients.  CloseSimple did both."

Shonna Cardello President | White Rose Settlement Services, Inc.

Brynne DesMarteau-Ray

"After receiving our Email & Text Message Updates, one Real Estate agent said they make 75% fewer calls to our Escrow office than other ones they work with ... with the help of CloseSimple, I'm sure we will eventually get 100% of their business soon!"

Brynne DesMarteau-Ray Escrow Operations Manager | Affirmative Escrow

Amanda Brumbelow

"Truly the integration with our Title Production Software was my tipping point. I was trying to create processes that depended on our users to set up. However, working with CloseSimple was so easy and it's great to have a customer communication tool for our users all in one place"

Amanda Brumbelow Director of Closing Operations | WACO Title

How it Works

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Automated Email & Text Messages

Streamline your Closing Communication with professional, branded Email & Text Messages sent directly from your Closing or Escrow Staff to Buyer, Seller, Realtors & Lenders.

  • We customize the Email & Text Messages to your own 5 or 6 step closing timeline that is customized to your closing process.

  • Forget one-size-fits-all Communication. Each recipient receives a customized Email & Text Message with their name & any pertinent information. You specify the individual recipients of each piece of communication & what they get.

  • Emails are sent directly from your company's email server & email addresses. When replied to, all communication goes directly to the team member working on the file

  • Text Messages are sent from a unique phone number that we set up for your company.  
Brynne DesMarteau-Ray

"The first Demo of CloseSimple was an immediate hook. There was no question that we needed to upgrade from our vanilla black and white emails with no branding to the marketing based company branded professional email and text notifications CloseSimple was offering."

Brynne DesMarteau-Ray Escrow Operations Manager | Affirmative Escrow

Integrated with your Title Production Software

  • No Double Data Entry: CloseSimple pulls Buyer, Seller, Realtor & Lendor contact information from your Title Production Software.

  • Automation-Ready: With the help of Automation, outgoing communication can go out without any extra effort from your staff.

  • Simple Setup: Our team sets up your customized CloseSimple implementation in 2-3 weeks with one phone call per week.

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