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Why No One Needs a Free Donut from Dunkin: Real Estate & Wire Fraud in the Wake of COVID-19

Bill Svoboda, co-founder, takes a deep dive into wire fraud, how the pandemic is giving scammers more opportunities...

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How Text Messages Can Help Grow Your Title Company

Today, customers are not comparing you to the next Title Company.  Instead, customers are comparing you and the...

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[CLIENTS] Introducing CloseSimple Reporting

Over the 6+ years of helping Title Companies communicate better, we’ve slowly been adding reporting capabilities...

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[CLIENTS] New Features

New things are here and even more coming soon!


We wanted to update you to recap some of the things we have rolled...

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[VIDEO] Mini Sales Master Class with Dr. Cindy McGovern: Hosted by CloseSimple

When Dr. Cindy and I started to talk about the concept for a Mini Sales Master Class for the Title/Escrow Industry,...

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