CloseSimple Underwriter Partner Program

Exclusive resources for Underwriters in the title and escrow industry.

Title Agents trust you, so you need trusted resources.

Here's how we can help:

For underwriters exclusively, join our monthly 25-minute webinars for practical insights to boost your value to title agents. Get inside access to CloseSimple's latest developments and their benefits for your agents.

Introduce us to a title company, and we'll make you shine. Our sales team will provide excellent care to your referral, keeping you updated throughout—from demos to contracts and more.

Equip your sales team with new tech ideas for title agents. Schedule a live CloseSimple demo—20, 30, or 60 minutes—to see it in action and learn how it benefits your network.

Access our range of sales materials tailored for underwriters. Grab a time on Bill Svoboda's calendar for the full list, customizable to suit you and your sales team.

Planning a webinar, conference, or event and need assistance? Our team offers professional content, keynotes, breakouts, and workshops to ensure your event's success. We can also tap into our network of industry and non-industry speakers if needed.

Upcoming Underwriter Exclusive Webinars:

May CloseSimple Underwriter Webinar

May Webinar

Tackling Fraud: Join CloseSimple CEO and Co-Founder Paul Stine, along with Co-Founder Bill Svoboda, as they discuss innovative approaches CloseSimple has developed to assist title and escrow companies in addressing this industry-wide issue with straightforward solutions.

Gain valuable insights into proactive measures that can safeguard your business against this pervasive threat. Join us as we uncover simple yet effective solutions to this industry-wide challenge.


Previous Underwriter Exclusive Webinars:

How CloseSimple can help your agents.

Watch this CloseSimple demo with Paul Stine, CloseSimple CEO and Co-Founder. 


Our Co-Founder Bill Svoboda leads our Underwriter Partnership Program. Book a slot on his calendar to chat about tailored ideas for your needs.

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