About us

Our mission is to make the closing process simple by automating communication during the closing process.

What We Do

CloseSimple helps title and escrow companies communicate during the closing process with real estate agents, buyers, sellers and lenders by sending:

  • Automated text messages
  • Branded email from the title company's domain
  • The Pizza Tracker for Title™ visual timeline

Our Story

Although we now serve the title and escrow industry, when we got our first client in 2013 (the number one RE/MAX franchise in the world with 1000+ agents), our goal was to help real estate agents communicate with their buyers and sellers during the real estate transaction. A year into that deal, we realized that hardly any of the agents were using the tool as planned, so the owner asked our co-founders, Paul Stine and Bill Svoboda, if the "timeline tool" could help his title company communicate with his real estate agents and consumers during the closing instead.

With his guidance, we launched CloseSimple for his title company and shifted our focus to serving the land title industry. Thanks to the vision of that first client, today CloseSimple is the trusted name in real estate communication throughout the closing process, sending tens of thousands of texts and emails a day to help title and escrow companies communicate during the closing process.

Our Mission

We love helping our clients win. That means helping them becoming more profitable and saving time in the process. 

INCREASE YOUR PROFITABILITY: You will see increased revenue by attracting more real estate agents or lenders who prefer to do business with the title company that offers proactive communication. 
One of our favorite examples of this is a title company out of Houston, TX, who just started using CloseSimple and set a meeting with one of the top real estate agents in their area to discuss how their team would now proactively communicate with the real estate agent's. Because the real estate agent was impressed by what he heard, the title agent walked away with 20 more deals per month. She did the same with a builder and walked away with 80 deals. 

SAVE YOU TIME: Save up to 30-60 min / file. Our automation package helps title professionals get more done with less work because as your sales increase, you must also be efficient or you will get in the never-ending race of increasing orders PLUS needing to hire more staff.  
Our seamless integrations with popular title production software means we can help title and escrow companies communicate better during the closing while saving time and reducing the amount of redundant tasks that an escrow officer, processor, or closer must do. 

Our Values

1 - TAKES OWNERSHIP - Each member of our team treats this business as it is their own because we are all aware that we have a direct impact on the success of this business. We also take ownership of any issues that arise on behalf of our clients -- not shifting responsibility to someone else on our team, but trying to help the client when there is a need -- because we know that when our clients have an issue, it's the biggest thing in their world at that moment.

2- GETS RESULTS - We demand excellence from ourselves as we complete the necessary tasks to serve our clients and push the business forward. 

- Each team member voices concerns & potential solutions when they recognize something holding our company or clients back. 

4- CARES ABOUT THE CLIENT - We attempt to see things from our client’s perspective & take the appropriate action
to make sure their needs are being met. Care is proactive, so we always try to anticipate needs instead of waiting for our clients to reach out with something.

5 - GROWTH / IMPROVEMENT MINDSET - We look for opportunities to grow & improve because leaders are learners, and we are all leaders in our respective positions.  There are no ceilings on our own potential, our clients potential, or the potential of this company.

6- TEAM PLAYER - When anyone sees a need, we step in & help our teammate.