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The CloseSimple story & team.

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Our Story

"With a name like CloseSimple, it better be simple," says CloseSimple Co-Founder and CEO, Paul Stine. "If someone can track the status of a package from Amazon or a  $10 pizza delivery, why shouldn't they also be able to know the status of their $400,000 home closing?" 

Since our first customer (a large title company in Minneapolis, MN), needed help automating communication during the closing process, CloseSimple has helped title companies, escrow companies & real estate attorneys communicate with Buyers, Sellers, Realtors and Lenders during the closing process with Automated Text Messages, Beautifully Branded Email, the Pizza Tracker for Title™ and the Client-Facing Portal.

"We love helping title agents get the credit for all the hard work they do," says CloseSimple Co-Founder and President, Bill Svoboda. "The title agent is the rockstar of the transaction; the quarterback, making sure everything goes right ... all the way up to the closing."

Today CloseSimple is the trusted name in real estate communication throughout the closing process, sending tens of thousands of texts and emails each day to help title and escrow companies communicate during the closing process.


Our Team

You are Awesome. We want to help you show it. 

We help Title Agents communicate during the closing process to Buyers, Sellers, Real Estate Agents and even Lenders, with Automated Text Messages, Custom Branded Emails, the Pizza Tracker for Title™ and Client-Facing Portal. 

Our Leadership Team

Sara 1
Sara Zschernitz
SVP of Operations
Nate 1
Nate Niemi
VP of Product & CTO
Victoria 1
Victoria Schannen
VP of People Operations
Ben Majhor
Ben Majhor
VP of Finance
Bill 1
Bill Svoboda
Brand Evangelist & Co-Founder
Paul 1
Paul Stine
CEO & Co-Founder