automated status updates keep everyone on the same page.

Automated Text Messages & Branded Email updates to Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Attorneys, and consumers during the closing.

Email and Text Notifications

deliver proactive, automated, & real-time status updates at key milestones throughout the closing process. 

Email Notifications

Email notifications

Email notifications are branded, sent from your domain, and include The Pizza Tracker for Title™ closing timeline. Text notifications help ensure, even in today’s age of messy email inboxes, that all parties know what’s happening on the file.

  • Custom-branded with your logo and colors, and specific pizza tracker milestones

  • Integrated with your email server to come directly from your domain

  • Customizable (by you) in the CloseSimple CMS

Text notifications

Texting is a huge part of how modern organizations communicate. Think Amazon updating you on the status of your delivery.

  • One-way notifications to ensure Real Estate Agents, Consumers, and Lenders see their status updates

  • Sent from a dedicated number and your choice of area code

  • Fully customizable (by you) using the CloseSimple CMS
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integrated & AUTOMATED

CloseSimple Title Production Software Integrations are industry-leading, automation-driven solutions to ensure that CloseSimple is simple to use for your internal escrow team, paralegals, pre-closers, and closers. CloseSimple is integrated with SoftPro, ResWare, RamQuest, and Greenfolders. Some specifics for each can be found below: 

SoftPro & CloseSimple Integration

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  • Integrated directly through SoftPro 360
  • Available on all SoftPro Versions
  • Automated through the built-in SoftPro automation configuration
  • Designed with the ability to capture most data fields including custom fields

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RamQuest & CloseSimple Integration


  • Integrated directly through Closing Market
  • Available on all RamQuest Versions (CCE, RQOne, and Horizon)
  • Semi-Automated through task completion
  • Designed to receive all data fields sent through the standard Closing Market API

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ResWare & CloseSimple Integration

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  • Integrated directly through the ResWare API
  • Available on all ResWare versions post 8.26
  • Automated through action completion
  • Designed with the ability to capture most data fields in ResWare

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Greenfolders & CloseSimple Integration


  • Integrated via GreenFolders Plugin
  • Available on all GreenFolders versions
  • Semi-Automated through task completion
  • Designed to receive all GreenFolders data fields.
  • Only compatible with CloseSimple Text & Email Notifications. Not compatible with Collaborative Portal or features exclusive to the Portal. 

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