Growth & Scale Report: [FULL STORY] Rick Diamond on Why Scaling Never Goes Out of Style

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Meet Rick Diamond, the forward-thinking Vice President of Agency Technology at Fidelity. He's on a mission to elevate title agents across the country with cutting-edge technology and a firm grasp on the real estate title and escrow industry.

Rick stands out at any title and escrow conference, defying the casual norm with his sharp blazer, crisply pressed shirt, and a dapper pocket square. You might have also caught wind of one of his talks about all things tech – from navigating backend operations and compliance challenges to tackling security head-on. But Rick's story has evolved. As he points out, "Security will always be an issue. But what else deserves our attention in today's dynamic landscape as there are many eyes watching this industry?"

Rick's daily mantra is "you gotta get up and get out." His mornings start with weights and cardio, followed by a shower and a warm cup of tea. By the time he dives into his workday, his inbox is buzzing. He sifts through emails, capturing the big picture to stay on top of global affairs. "We're not just part of a national economy; we're in a global economy. That global perspective, especially around security and Digital transactions, should shape our local actions," Rick emphasizes.

Amid economic uncertainty and market volatility, Rick spots silver linings on the storm clouds.

He urges a mindset of seizing a “bigger slice of a slightly smaller pie.” And instead of shying away from a growth mindset during uncertain times, Rick champions facing it head-on and engaging.

"Security and safety are foundational in our industry," Rick underscores. “The cost of entry in this industry is maintaining security and doing everything you can to keep your customers safe.” But he's concerned about agents solely fixated on that one aspect of business. “Sure, security is a pressing concern,” he says, “and it's not going away.” But it is not the only thing.

Then there is an unexpected smile on Rick’s face when he talks about guiding agents toward the hidden avenues for growth amidst adversity.



To help title agents navigate these murky waters, Rick lays out five crucial principles for constructing a robust title or escrow company. He calls it S.T.A.C.K. - Security, Technology, Advertising, Communication, and Knowledge.

"Don't just settle for security and compliance," Rick advises fellow title agents. He urges them to elevate their game through savvy marketing, streamlined processes, cost-cutting, and adopting the latest tech. Hailing from Boston, where championship sports

teams are the norm, Rick knows a thing or two about building a championship-worthy team. Here are Rick's 5 Pillars for crafting a standout title or escrow company:

1. SECURITY: This is a must-have foundation for every title company, so he reiterates the timeless significance of security. He acknowledges that security and wire fraud have hogged the spotlight, and they won't be stepping down. Thus, fortifying your company is essential. Staff must recognize potential fraud, and multi-factor authentication for wire transfers is non-negotiable.

2. TECHNOLOGY (Your Secret Weapon): While technology might seem daunting, it's your strongest ally. Rick's advice? Take it step by step. Find what aligns seamlessly with your business. Be it intuitive document management, e-signatures, or a user-friendly website, let technology amplify your efforts. Stay on top of the latest innovations, and don't forget to consult peers – like underwriter reps – for valuable insights.

3. ADVERTISING: Tell Your Story. (Not marketing however, because “M” doesn’t work in S.T.A.C.K.) This is about broadcasting your achievements. Rick urges title agents to trumpet their efforts in safeguarding consumers and REALTORS®. Show off your internal prowess, teams, security measures, achievements and even tech enhancements. Be audacious, be vocal!

4. COMMUNICATION: In today's landscape, it's not just about how much you communicate, but how and when you do it. Rick's in tune with the times – the younger crowd prefers texts over calls. Are you adaptable? As the intermediary in real estate deals, title agents need seamless communication with all parties involved.

Buyers, sellers, lenders, and REALTORS® crave updates, so keep them in the loop.

5. KNOWLEDGE SHARING: Education is the cornerstone. Rick isn't just talking about personal growth; he's talking about a collective effort. Everyone in your office needs to grasp the latest technologies and their role in securing transactions.

Learning is your superpower, so don't go it alone. Leverage underwriters and vendors for insights.



In an industry squeezed by external pressures (hello, fraud and regulations), Rick's rallying cry is clear: avoid self-inflicted setbacks. Protecting consumers goes beyond mere insurance claims. No unforced errors – that's the strategy.

And with that, Rick perfectly balances style and substance.

From his daily fitness routine to his ingenious STACK framework, Rick epitomizes professionalism and innovation. As you navigate the real estate industry, take a cue from Rick: dress for success and build your STACK – Security, Technology, Advertising, Communication, and Knowledge. It's not just about looking the part; it's about thriving in this competitive landscape.

And that's how you navigate market waves and stand strong – with style and substance, just like Rick himself. Advertising, Communication, and Knowledge. It's not just about looking the part; it's about thriving in this competitive landscape.

And that's how you navigate market waves and stand strong – with style and substance, just like Rick himself.

The Growth & Scale Report is published by CloseSimple, and explores strategies for growth and tools for scaling your title or escrow company. The report emphasizes the art of balancing growth and scale, with a focus on personal and organizational success stories. It aims to share insights from industry leaders who have navigated these challenges, providing a platform for broader conversations in the business landscape.