Growth & Scale Report: [FULL STORY] Brie McDaniel & Kay Underwood on Connecting the Dots in Title & Escrow


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"I’ve been doing it this way for 30 years…" begins a seasoned title agent in conversation with Brie McDaniel and Kay Underwood, two specialists making waves in the world of title and escrow.

"But you didn’t have an iPhone 30 years ago," Kay interjects.




It's a fact – the title and escrow scene has shifted massively, especially in the past 5 years. Amidst all the changes – technology, systems, processes – the need for adaptation has skyrocketed. This is where Brie and Kay come in, two guiding lights in the title industry's transformative journey.

"In 2010, there were more people and less tech in this industry," Brie points out. "Now, it's the opposite. With tech making things smoother, you'd expect smoother sailing. But strangely, owners, managers, and teams are still getting caught up in fixing stuff and handling fires. Our mission? Help them see the big picture, get their heads out of the weeds, and channel energy into things that bring in money."

The title and escrow rollercoaster has everyone wearing multiple hats. Amid this whirlwind, Brie and Kay emerge as the connectors, tying the threads of title excellence to revenue generation. Their role? More than tech troubleshooters – they're the bridge. The connectors.

Kay's the SoftPro and Qualia whiz, while Brie focuses on ResWare. They'll tell you, though, no software does it all. "People often see software as the fix," says Kay, "but there's more to it. We love digging into that part."

Expectations meet reality, and that's where it gets real. Most of Brie and Kay's time is spent dissecting problems during the early stages of working with title companies. The big question? "How can we make users do things they're not used to?" Often, it's about resetting managers' expectations.


Once the conversation's rolling, diagnosing growth pains becomes a breeze. "Our clients make the calls," Kay explains. They translate expectations into solutions, custom-fit for each situation.

In a world where everyone's juggling roles, Brie and Kay play a pivotal part. They're not just about tech – they're about transforming processes. Kay says, "Think about it. If tech works seamlessly, imagine what teams can do – focus on stuff that brings in money."

This isn't a walk in the park, but it's a rewarding journey for Brie, Kay, and their clients. So, if you're tired of firefighting and want to turn your focus to growth, where should you start?


"Processes," Kay says. Every business has them, but not all are as structured or efficient. It's about deep-diving into how things flow. "Indicators," she continues. These are signs something's off – maybe someone prints an attachment to an email, scans it and then re-uploads it instead of going completely digital.

Things like that are where the unraveling begins.

Some cases need a little extra attention. For special clients, there's a "therapy rate" – it's about getting owners to see what change means for their business. "Change management," Brie says. It's better to iron out processes now than wrestle with them later.

In an industry of many hats, Brie and Kay connect the dots. Everyone's wearing multiple hats – and as long as that's the case, they'll keep weaving connections, making sure all the effort translates to impact, not just busyness.

The Growth & Scale Report is published by CloseSimple, and explores strategies for growth and tools for scaling your title or escrow company. The report emphasizes the art of balancing growth and scale, with a focus on personal and organizational success stories. It aims to share insights from industry leaders who have navigated these challenges, providing a platform for broader conversations in the business landscape.