Growth & Scale Report: [FULL STORY] Deidra Facey on How To Own the Moment in Title & Escrow

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When it comes to the world of customer experience, there's a word that often gets overlooked: "remarkable." But as you will find out, it's a game-changer.

Being "remarkable" literally means standing out, catching attention, and sparking conversation. Among all the ordinary encounters, the truly remarkable ones - the ones you can't help but talk about to friends and even strangers - are rare gems.

Now, let's dive into the whirlwind of business travel, where hotels and restaurants can blur together during jam-packed conference seasons. However, some places manage to break through the monotony and create experiences you won't forget. And here's where we meet someone who's taken crafting exceptional customer experiences to an art form in northern Florida. Out of a whopping 120 nominations, she snagged the prestigious ROSE Award from the Northeast Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association.

To win this award, Deidra Facey had to be nominated by her resorts leadership team as the top mentioned associate at the resort, then beat over 120 other hospitality employees that were also nominated in northern Florida. This was no easy feat, but it shouldn’t be a surprise that she won since her name was mentioned in (literally) hundreds of guests' reviews. So, how did she manage to reach this remarkable level?



Meet Deidra, the front office agent at the luxurious Omni Amelia Island Resort, who lives by the motto: "Go above and beyond." Whether it's remembering a guest's name throughout their stay or giving detailed directions for 45 minutes to an elderly couple without a GPS, Deidra understands that just meeting expectations isn't enough. You need to fully embrace your role, make every moment count, and craft memories that last.

Deidra's journey through the service industry started with a job at Hardees in high school, then on to other service industry roles at various hotel chains, before finally landing at the Omni where she would truly leave her mark. Along the way, she learned the impact of remembering names and adding personal touches, like leaving a note to wish a good stay or folding a guest's clothes.

A simple note of gratitude to that traveler led to heartwarming conversations and extra tips.

"My initial goal was to get mentioned at least 10 times a month in customer surveys," she reminisces with a big smile on her face.

Ask Michelle Valle, the Director of Resort Marketing at Omni Amelia Island Resort, and she'll tell you that there's hardly a week where Deidra's name isn't mentioned by guests.


Deidra's inspiration traces back to her days as a New York Knicks fan, she admits she admired Michael Jordan during the '90s. “While Jordan went on to become the Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.), he didn't start that way,” she says. “He faced setbacks and put in relentless effort to stand out. "It's teamwork though," Deidra points out, "each individual, working together, can make all the difference."

So, what can we all learn from someone who's mastered the art of creating remarkable customer experiences?


First, set goals.

Remember Kobe Bryant? He joined the LA Lakers with a straightforward goal: make them the best NBA team. Deidra's story echoes this.

Deidra admits that while she loves seeing her name in online reviews, she takes the online reputation of the Omni hotel itself very seriously too and she recalls a day where she was shocked to learn that the Omni had dropped from it’s #1 Trip Advisor ranking. That was enough to push Deidra into action. So within a few weeks, Deidra and her smile helped the Omni reclaim its #1 ranking by encouraging all of her guests to leave TripAdvisor reviews.

Next, set the tone and the first impression.

Life might throw us curveballs, but we control how we react. A smile is an incredibly powerful tool for creating a remarkable experience, no matter how our day is going.

And last, ask for the review or rating. Many in the service industry shy away from asking for reviews. But if you consider yourself part of a team, seeking reviews becomes about more than just yourself - it's about your entire team's success. Just look at the story above where she helped the Omni regain the top position by actually asking for reviews.

Life and business aren't perfect, but each of us holds the power to turn any experience into a positive one.

Taking a page from Deidra's playbook and embracing the moments that shape customers' memories can transform any interaction into a remarkable one.

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