Growth & Scale Report: [FULL STORY] Ben White - The New Kid on the Block

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"Ben, can we…" is often how conversations start for Ben White, IT Division Manager at Mother Lode Holding Company. Seated across from him, whether in person or over a virtual call, are people eager to discuss the technological and system aspects of their division.

In charge of the application development and support for an organization spanning eight states with two national divisions, Ben doesn't just hear people's inquiries; he’s the one who untangles intricate tech issues to offer straightforward solutions. Despite his 15 years in this job, Ben admits that he often feels like he’s still learning, because as Motherlode expands, he’s exposed to new regions and markets that he’s never encountered before. “The sheer volume of new ideas and reading required to comprehend the specifics of each division keeps me on my toes,” he says.

His responsibilities involve assessing title production software, customer management systems, and a multitude of other components that impact closings across various states and regions. Ben is also no stranger to presenting solutions and hearing phrases like "that’s not how we do it here" or "no way, that’s crazy they do it that way over there!"

Yet, instead of being discouraged, he thrives on crafting solutions that strike a balance and operate within the custom framework of each individual system or division.



Change is the cornerstone of propelling a title company forward. The evolution from one software to another, from one business approach to another, or even from one sales method to a new one is paramount.

Imagine sitting down with Ben and having him impart his wisdom on effecting productive change management across a company. Here are three insights he'd probably share with you:

1. Understand Your Audience: Ben emphasizes knowing your audience inside out and speaking their language. Grasp their work processes, their requirements, the way they talk about things and their routines before rushing to resolve an issue. Things that work well in one location might not translate well in another.

Visualize the demands of the sales team, the escrow team, and the end users such as REALTORS® or consumers. Aligning with their perspectives aids in devising optimal solutions.

2. Embrace Fresh Approaches: Embracing new ideas is crucial when addressing complex issues. A solution that proved effective in one context might not necessarily be the answer in another. Researching and dedicating time to understanding the nuances is time well spent. It’s also essential not to become too attached to an idea solely because of the invested time.

Ensure that the proposed solution genuinely addresses the problem at hand and don’t just decide to do something because you spent a lot of time researching it.

“Time learning is time well spent,” he points out.


3. Consistent Engagement: The journey doesn't end once the solution is in place. Continuous engagement and monitoring are pivotal. Regular check-ins and training sessions are key to ensuring the new system or process remains effective.

Avoid letting the complexity of features overshadow the training you provide. New features should result in new training for your teams.

At the core of it all is the art of listening.

Change commences with attentive ears.

Ben understands that if we all focused on listening more, navigating through challenges could become smoother. Whether it's deciphering intricate tech puzzles or guiding a team through adopting something new, Ben White's role as an indispensable ally shines.

The true heroes are the divisions seeking resolutions, and Ben is their unwavering support system – a navigator helping them find clarity in the midst of complexity in this brave new world of technology.

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