Cohesive features to SIMPLIFY the closing experience.

CloseSimple features are designed to work seamlessly with one another, and utilize our industry-leading integration and automation capabilities.

CloseSimple Elevating the Closing Experience for Everyone Hero 2

make the closing simple.

Email and Text Notifications


Real-time status updates, delivered via email and text, give you a proactive way to ensure all parties in the transaction are on the same page.

They can also dramatically decrease inbound calls and emails requesting status updates.

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The CloseSimple Secure Collaboration Portal is designed for Realtors, lenders, attorneys, and consumers to digitally interact with their transactions.

It is a mobile-first, web-based, fully white-labeled solution that provides a variety of features that help make closing simple. These include forms for receiving buyer, seller, and Realtor information, two-way document sharing, eSigning, wiring instruction delivery, and more.

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CloseSimple Elevating the Closing Experience for Everyone Hero 3
Mobile-Friendly Forms-1


CloseSimple Forms are sent via the Collaboration Portal and are delivered as a task.

They are designed with a mobile-first approach and offer flexibility in the types of forms our customers want to send and receive. Plus, parties receive automated reminders on a schedule until they complete their form. 

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Two-Way Document

CloseSimple Document Sharing is delivered through the Collaboration Portal and allows you to protect your clients' PII by sending and receiving documents securely to and from your title production software.

Your clients can simply snap a photo of a document and securely upload it to your title production software.

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Two-Way Document Sharing
Secure ESigning (2)


CloseSimple eSigning offers an easy way to capture eSigning on forms (such as seller payoff authorizations) and standard documents.

eSigning is available inside the Collaborative Portal, and delivered to clients via a task. Tasks also include auto-reminders that are delivered until documents are signed.

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CloseSimple Wiring Instruction Delivery is available via the Collaborative Portal. At CloseSimple, we believe that while technology is a big part of preventing wire fraud, the best way to combat wire fraud is actually through education, consistency in message, and uncompromising process.

Our technology solutions are designed to hit on all three tenets to help keep your customer safe and secure.

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The Pizza Tracker for Title by CloseSimple
The Pizza Tracker for Title Quote (2)

the pizza
for title™

Keep the Buyer, Seller, Listing Agent, Selling Agent, Lender and Mortgage broker informed throughout the closing process with your visual closing milestones.

Milestones are 100% customized to your company and closing process, and can be tailored to accommodate order types, brands, regions, and state-specific specifications.

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integrated & AUTOMATED.

CloseSimple Title Production Software Integrations are industry-leading, automation-driven solutions to ensure that CloseSimple is simple to use for your internal escrow team, paralegals, pre-closers, and closers. CloseSimple is integrated with SoftPro, ResWare, RamQuest, and GreenFolders. Some specifics for each can be found below: 

SoftPro & CloseSimple Integration

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  • Integrated directly through Softpro 360
  • Available on all SoftPro Versions
  • Automated through the built-in SoftPro automation configuration
  • Designed with the ability to capture most data fields including custom fields

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RamQuest & CloseSimple Integration


  • Integrated directly through Closing Market
  • Available on all RamQuest Versions (CCE, RQOne, and Horizon)
  • Semi-Automated through task completion
  • Designed to receive all data fields sent through the standard Closing Market API

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ResWare & CloseSimple Integration

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  • Integrated directly through the ResWare API
  • Available on all ResWare versions post 8.26
  • Automated through action completion
  • Designed with the ability to capture most data fields in ResWare

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Greenfolders & CloseSimple Integration


  • Integrated via GreenFolders Plugin
  • Available on all GreenFolders versions
  • Semi-Automated through task completion
  • Designed to receive all GreenFolders data fields.
  • Only compatible with CloseSimple Text & Email Notifications. Not compatible with Collaborative Portal or features exclusive to the Portal. 

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Customer Case Study

"Realtors can Open up their Portal, they can see all their closings with waco ... they can take that guesswork out."

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