How to Fix Broken Communication in Real Estate

What is the number one complaint from all parties (realtors, consumers, lenders, title agents) during a real estate transaction? Poor communication.

How can title agents improve their communication with realtors, clients, and lenders? It’s simple: just do it.

While it may be simple to say “just communicate,” what does that actually mean?

It means being proactive and communicating what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen next; but it also means communicating this before the recipient expects it. Proactive communication can result in 75% fewer emails from realtors!

CloseSimple makes this really easy for you with our automated text message and email updates that are customized to your company!

We at CloseSimple realize that integration with a title company’s title production software (TPS) is crucial to the company’s success. This is because no title company, processor, closer, or escrow officer wants to have double data entry. Tight integrations are very important, and because CloseSimple integrates with major TPS (SoftPro, RamQuest, ResWare, and GreenFolders), that means no double data entry!

One of our clients, Amanda Brumbelow, raves about how well CloseSimple integrated with her title company’s TPS. She said,


amanda"Truly the integration with our Title Production Software was my tipping point. I was trying to create processes that depended on our users to set up. However, working with CloseSimple was so easy and it’s great to have a customer communication tool for our users all in one place.”



Tight integration means your people look amazing while doing less work. Pulling the names, phone numbers, emails, and other information from your TPS and automatically inputting them into CloseSimple’s automated text message and email updates saves you so much time.

What’s even better, we help you with setup during the onboarding process. CloseSimple’s tight integration with your TPS will ultimately save you time, eliminate double data entry, and help you look great! Now, who wouldn’t want that? See how it works >>


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