Optimize Your SoftPro.

Closing Communication,

Automate Closing Communication
with Consumers, Realtors &
Lenders directly from your SoftPro.

Beautiful & Efficient Communication at every step of your Closing Process.



Elevate the

Integrated with SoftPro to take your Closing Communication to new levels with a Digital-First Strategy.



Do more with less work by reducing inbound phone calls, emails & questions by up to 75%.


Your Company

White-Labeled to your company to stand out during the closing process & in your marketing efforts.

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On Demand Client & Realtor Facing Portal

  • Your Brand First. Always.
    100% White Labeled with URL & images so your company gets the credit ... not us.
  • Real Estate Agents Can View ALL Open Closings 
    The one place Real Estate Agents can easily access all of their active closings.
  • Deliver Wiring Instructions
    Securely communicate all Wiring Instructions in your company's Closing Portal.
  • Deliver & Store Closing Documents  
    Automatically sync'ed with your SoftPro to instantly upload files to the portal, or save documents directly from your client-facing portal to your SoftPro.

Proactive Email
& Text Messages

  • Instant & Automated Communication 
    Sent automatically from your SoftPro.
  • Emails Sent From Your Web Domain
    CloseSimple sends every email from your own web URL (instead of a generic URL).
  • The Pizza Tracker for Title™ Timeline
    Visually show the status of each closing with your own visual timeline to indicate the 4 to 5 most important steps in the process.
  • Custom Images & Branding
    Match your company's brand with custom visual components designed by our team. 
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Take a Closer Look at  the Integration

  • How CloseSimple integrates with SoftPro.
  • What is included with the CloseSimple integration.
  • How text messaging & emails work with the SoftPro integration.
  • How the CloseSimple on-boarding process works.
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The integration helps our customers deliver an enhanced closing experience. We constantly strive to seek out integrations that make our customers look good to their customers, and CloseSimple fits that mold.

Patrick Hempen
Chief Customer Officer

Patrick Hempen

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