Press Release: RamQuest Users Get Text Messaging and the Pizza Tracker for Title™

“We’re excited to add CloseSimple to our network of Closing Market providers. This integration will help our customers in their communication efforts and save them time,” said Ben Cork, Chief Strategy Officer at RamQuest. "This is just another way we are continuing our commitment to enable RamQuest customers to be more efficient and productive."

For us here at CloseSimple, this is a BIG win that we are excited to celebrate.

The CloseSimple & RamQuest Closing Market Integration has taken months of hard work and dedication on both sides to make this happen, but with the committed team at RamQuest helping us along the way, we're confident CloseSimple RamQuest Integration will be a game-changer for RamQuest users across the country!

We could go on and on about what this means; digging into how the Text Messaging works, how the Automated Email Updates can save you 60-90 minutes per file, or even describing how setup your custom Pizza Tracker for Title™ and what it looks like to edit, but RamQuest just released an official Press Release that outlines a lot of it... and if you had any other questions, you can check out our official RamQuest Integration Page to read more... and we'd love to setup a time to chat and give you a One-on-One demo.

If you'd like a One-on-One demo, please let us know by contacting us here.

Thank you to everyone that has helped along the way and we're excited to help drive your business forward, while saving you time!