[VIDEO] CloseSimple & RamQuest Demo

RamQuest User Group is always a highlight of our year here at CloseSimple. It’s great to meet our current customers, and everyone else in this industry. This year RQUG was extra special because our CEO, Paul Stine, led a Lunch & Learn session where he demo'ed CloseSimple. 

We captured his presentation on video and wanted to share it here for anyone that couldn’t attend RQUG this year. 

A few takeaways of Lunch & Learn Session: 

There are 3 stages to communication; Reactive, Proactive, and On-Demand. 90% of the industry resides in the reactive stage. Although they are providing satisfactory customer service, they are constantly answering texts and emails. With our RamQuest integration, CloseSimple allows your title company to move from reactive communication to proactive and on-demand communication. 

How does moving to the proactive and on-demand stage impact your business? 

    - Helps you save time and increase efficiency
    - Increases revenue 

How does CloseSimple help you do this? 

    - Custom Branded Emails 
    - The Pizza Tracker for Title 
    - Text Messages 
    - Customer Portal
    - Driven by Automation & Integration 

With these tools, Title Agents are experiencing exponential growth as they are spending less time communicating yet also increasing their efficiency. 

This CloseSimple demo on RamQuest provided a broad overview of what customers receive with the CloseSimple integration and how it brings their communication and collaboration to the next level in the Title and Escrow industry.