We help RamQuest users stand out during Closing.

Send automated Text Messages, beautiful Email, & the Pizza Tracker for Title™ to help drive your business forward & save time (60-90 min / file).

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Beautiful Emails

Send customized emails that feature your branding & Closing Pizza Tracker for Title™ Timeline.


Seamless Integration

Integration with popular software means Zero Double Data Entry, and more time saved for you.


Simple Setup

On-boarding typically takes less than a month. We design your emails, including branded assets & timelines.


More Benefits

Text Message Updates.

Automatically send SMS Text Messages to pre-identified recipients. This is a great way to stay in touch with Real Estate Agents who rely more on texts than emails for updates, as well as Consumers, Mortgage Professionals or anyone else.

No Double-Data Entry.

Seamlessly integrate with Ramquest, Resware, Softpro, and GreenFolders to automatically pull all of your customers data. No more double data entry.

Simple Setup & On-Boarding.

From Designing your Company Branded Timelines & Assets, to integrating with your back-end closing platform, we handle all Setup & Train your team on how to use it so everyone feels confident using it. (Setup & On-Boarding typically takes <1 month).  

One-Touch Automated Emails.

Automated & Secure Company-Branded Emails feature your Custom-Made Closing Pizza Tracker for Title™ Timeline are securely sent from your email server, or our own. 

Time Saved Per File.

Watch your team spend less time doing the busywork of emails and project management, and more time on what makes your business money.


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RamQuest & CloseSimple FAQ's

Question: Does CloseSimple work on RamQuest One and CCE?
Answer: Yes! CloseSimple works the same on both platforms

Question: Does CloseSimple work with OP2?
Answer: Yes! It also works if your servers are on premises/with a different hosting company. 

Question: How long is the setup time?
Answer: A typical integration takes around 30-45 days - that said we'll go as fast as you can. 

Question: How much work is it to implement?
Answer: We try to take as much of the implementation work off your hands as possible. Here's what an integration normally looks like:

  1. After signing the contract we provide an implementation checklist/worksheet that you can fill out in under  an hour.
  2. We schedule a 60-minute deep-dive call to document the order types, milestones, and communications you want to send out of CloseSimple.
  3. We provide email designs and confirm the document we worked on in #2.
  4. We create your program based on approved designs and what we learned in steps 1-3. Then we hand it off to you to review. (If you're using workflow to trigger CloseSimple, you'll be working on configuring RamQuest during this step - see next question below)
  5. We help you roll out the program, providing whatever assistance you need to get your teams informed/trained.

Question: OK, I get that, but how much work is it to set up on the RamQuest side?
Answer: RamQuest has made it REALLY EASY for us to set it up. You'll need to create new tasks that include CM Automation triggers, and insert those into your current workflows (this may mean you're replacing some steps, or simply adding some)

Question: What data can CloseSimple get from RamQuest?
Answer: Most order data including property information and contact information. RamQuest One does give us a bit more flexibility with the data, but both platforms are good.

Question: Where/who do emails come from?
Answer: Most customers choose to send emails directly through their own email servers. Typically they set up an email address like notifications@abctitleco.com to send them from. In terms of "who" they come from, they'll look like they're coming from the Escrow Officer/Closing Agent, and if someone replies to the email, you can specify where you want responses to go on each email. 

Question: What email servers do you support?
Answer: We currently support Office365, Exchange2013_SP1, Exchange2013, Exchange2010_SP2, Exchange2010_SP1, Exchange2010, and Exchange2007_SP1. 

Question: Do copies of emails go into a closer’s outbox? 
Answer: We can push a copy of any CloseSimple notification directly back into FileScan (choose one, or choose them all!). Meaning you’ll have a timestamp on when a notification was sent, and you can easily reply-all/forward the emails when needed.

Question: I heard you have an outlook calendar integration. How does that work?
Answer: If you’re on a hosted solution (Not OP2) and use Outlook to schedule signings/closings, we can integrate with your calendar to pre-fill meeting invites with data out of RamQuest - meaning we auto-create the invite with attendee info, subject line, date, time, location, and body content. Taking it a step further, if you use shared calendars for scheduling, we can tell the invite which calendar to put the invite on. 

Question: Are emails encrypted?
Answer: The vast majority of our customers are choosing to send CloseSimple emails out of their own email servers, meaning we can almost always pick up your existing encryption protocols. If you choose the CloseSimple server, we utilize forced TLS encryption on all emails.

Question: Are you going to continue making CloseSimple better? 
Answer: Yes! We have a lot of new features in the works and we love to hear ideas for what else it should do. Please reach out with any recommendations.

Question: How much does CloseSimple cost, and how does payment work? 
Answer: CloseSimple features flat-monthly pricing, which is dependent on the average number of files you close each month.  Pricing typically ranges from $1.50-$4.00/file and once we know what your custom setup will look like, we can quote your implementation.  There is also a one-time setup fee for us to configure CloseSimple on RamQuest and create all branded content for your company.