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Send automated text messages & branded email updates directly from RamQuest.

Marissa Deml
"We strive to be on the cutting edge for ways to improve client experience and increase efficiency. CloseSimple has the same goals, and our partnership with them has produced great customizable, branded tools for our company!"

Marissa Deml Chief Operating Officer | TitleSmart

See CloseSimple in Action on RamQuest

Fewer Questions

With proactive communication through automated emails and text messages, our clients see 75% fewer questions from real estate agents, buyers, sellers, and lenders!

It's Easy

Automation with CloseSimple + RamQuest integration means keeping your same process. Trigger automated communication at certain steps in your closing process. 

Stand Out

Easily transform your communication and stand apart from your competition. Your beautiful, branded email, and helpful text messages will make you stand out from other Title companies. 

Take a Closer Look at the Integration

  • How CloseSimple integrates with RamQuest.
  • What is included with the CloseSimple integration.
  • How Text Messaging & Emails work with the RamQuest integration.
  • How the CloseSimple On-boarding Process works.
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How CloseSimple Works:

Automated email and text messages

Automated Email & Text Messages

Streamline your closing communication with professional, branded email & text messages sent directly from RamQuest to buyers, sellers, realtors & lenders.

  • We customize the email & text messages to your own 5 or 6 step closing timeline that is customized to your closing process.

  • Forget one-size-fits-all communication. Each recipient receives a customized email & text message with their name & any pertinent information. You specify the individual recipients of each piece of communication & what they get.

  • Emails are sent directly from your company's email server & email addresses. Replies, all go directly to the team member working on the file.

  • Text messages are sent from a unique phone number that we set up for your company.

Get a Live Demo on RamQuest

We'll show you how to automatically send text messages & email updates to buyers, sellers, realtors & lenders during the closing process, directly from RamQuest. 

Walk through it with us, and we can answer any questions you have and show you how easy it is to supercharge your RamQuest software with CloseSimple.