Balancing Technology & the Personal Touch


Convenience vs. Personalization 

We currently live in a world that is running on technology. Instead of going into town to grab some dinner, we now sit comfortably on our couch and without having to pause our movie, we click “place your order”. Within minutes, there’s a meal at our front door. 

This kind of technology is more convenient than ever, but it replaces a lot of the human interaction we once had with a screen. 

Along these lines, businesses are starting to send more automated communication. Through the help of technology, we pick up convenience and minutes back in our day. However, we are also picking up the risk of losing the personal touch. 

According to McKinsey & Co., “Seventy-one percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. And seventy-six percent get frustrated when this doesn’t happen.” 

Having a Balance 

Customers aren’t saying that they wish we could go back to a world without technology; your title and escrow company, and possibly our entire world, would crumble if we abandoned technology. An aspect of technology is needed. However, what they are asking for is a blend of convenience and a personal interaction. 

For example, when you order a product online from a business and they include a simple “Thank You” note, it means something. It’s the small action that makes your consumers feel appreciated that will keep them coming back. 

In the realm of title and escrow, where personal connections are paramount, maintaining that human touch while utilizing automated communication is essential.

5 ways to keep the healthy balance 

You can’t have one or the other; both technology and personalization contribute to success. But how do you do that? In an article from Financial Smarts, they offer 5 tips on How To Maintain a Personal Touch in the Digital Age


By presenting alternatives such as phone calls, emails, or even in-person meetings, you empower customers to choose the mode of communication that resonates best with them.

Some individuals prefer the convenience of quick emails, while others might appreciate a personal phone call. By acknowledging and accommodating these preferences, you demonstrate your commitment to fostering personalized relationships. Consider integrating automated messages that encourage customers to reach out with questions or concerns. This not only provides an avenue for direct engagement but also showcases your dedication to their unique needs.


Automated updates at key milestones in the process, such as document submissions, review stages, or funding confirmations, can reassure customers that their transaction is progressing smoothly.

With CloseSimple’s Pizza Tracker for Title™, your customers will get an automated update that shows them where they are at in the closing process. 

To infuse a personal touch into these updates, consider customizing the messages to align with your customers' specific concerns or questions. For instance, integrating personalized snippets that address the unique aspects of their transaction or potential concerns can demonstrate your attentiveness. Include avenues for customers to seek clarifications or express preferences in these automated messages, fostering a two-way communication channel.

Take a look at our features page to take a deeper look into how each of CloseSimple's features will keep your customers updated throughout the entire closing process. 


Emphasize the adaptability of your system by showing how it can cater to various stages of their business journey.

Start by highlighting how your automated communication can scale alongside their operations. Whether they're handling a few transactions or expanding their client base, assure them that your system can accommodate increased demands while still delivering personalized interactions. Showcase the potential for customization, where automated messages can be tailored to address specific client segments or specialized services they might offer in the future.


In the realm of title and escrow, leveraging technology tools can be a powerful way to uphold a personal touch within automated communication. Advanced software solutions can streamline the process of tailoring messages to individual customers, enabling you to create messages that resonate deeply.

Employ data analytics to gain insights into customer preferences, transaction histories, and communication habits. This information can guide you in crafting messages that feel custom-made for each customer. Utilize dynamic content insertion to automatically include specific details, like transaction names or dates, in your communications.

By integrating these tech tools, you not only ease the process of personalization but also demonstrate a genuine commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of your customers in the title and escrow industry.


In the title and escrow industry, harnessing the power of social media can infuse a personal touch into automated communication. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram provide avenues to engage customers on a more personal level.

CloseSimple recently began offering a free marketing package to our customers, so that you can show off your title company. The marketing package is completely customized to your title company, making YOU the rockstar. 

Consider sharing informative and relevant content, such as industry insights, transaction success stories, or tips for a smooth title and escrow process. Use automated scheduling tools to consistently deliver this content, ensuring a steady presence in your customers' feeds.

Leverage the interactive nature of social media by encouraging customers to ask questions, share their experiences, and voice concerns. Automated responses can acknowledge their interactions promptly, making them feel heard and valued.

Celebrate milestones in your customers' journeys, such as closing deals, with personalized shout-outs on social media. This type of recognition can foster a sense of community and make clients feel like more than just business transactions.

The Recognition & Simplicity You Deserve

With CloseSimple, we strive to make title and escrow teams look like rockstars. Every form of communication sent by the CloseSimple software is fully customizable and branded to your title company. This helps elevate the closing process for everyone involved, while adding a personal aspect for your customers while saving you time. 

Look to Ali Braun, implementation manager for Celebration Title Group, for instance. Her team has experienced exponential growth and has been given more time to invest in their customers due to the busywork that CloseSimple takes care of. Read more on Ali Braun’s case study here