See How CloseSimple Works

Stay Connected with CloseSimple Text Messaging.

Send automated Text Messages directly to Buyers, Seller and Real Estate Agents with the touch of a button, directly from your Title Production Software, or utilize our stand-alone Business Texting Platform to stay in touch with your customers.

Fully Integrated Platform:

(Integrates with RamQuest, ResWare, SoftPro & GreenFolders)


Send Text Messages directly from your current Title Production Software.

Stand Alone Platform:

(Ideal for AIM, FAST, Qualia, E-Closing, etc. users)


Communicate during the closing process with text message updates delivered directly to Realtor & Consumer cell phones


Text Message Updates.

Sending Text Message updates to your Realtor & Consumers takes the closing experience to the next level & differentiates your Title Company from every other one. Updates can either be 1-Way Status Updates (no reply) or 2-Way (able to send & receive).

Customized Content.

You control what your text messages say, and if you choose a manual delivery process you can even edit them prior to sending. 

Two-Way Texting.

Continue the conversation with your customers throughout the transaction and beyond with Two-Way texting.   

Compliments the Pizza Tracker for Title™.

If consumers can track their $10 pizza from your local pizza chain, why shouldn't they be able to know the status of their $500,000 home closing? 

The Pizza Tracker for Title™ delivers peace of mind to your customers, cutting down on phone calls & inquiries to you and/or your staff. Each milestone is individually customized to your business and process.

Text Message updates will correlate with your custom timeline milestones, but you have the option of sending only a Text Message update, or the Text Message update with an Email as well.