Send Text Message Updates during the Closing.

Send automated Text Messages directly to Buyers, Seller and Real Estate Agents with the touch of a button, directly from your Title Production Software, or utilize our stand-alone Business Texting Platform to stay in touch with your customers.

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(Integrates with RamQuest, ResWare, SoftPro & GreenFolders)


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Compliments the Pizza Tracker for Title™.

If consumers can track their $10 pizza from your local pizza chain, why shouldn't they be able to know the status of their $500,000 home closing? 

The Pizza Tracker for Title™ delivers peace of mind to your customers, cutting down on phone calls & inquiries to you and/or your staff. Each milestone is individually customized to your business and process.

Text Message updates will correlate with your custom timeline milestones, but you have the option of sending only a Text Message update, or the Text Message update with an Email as well.

Text Message Updates.

Keep Real Estate Agents, Buyers, Sellers and even Lenders updated during the closing with quick Text Message Updates, just like your Doctor, Dentist or Hair Salon. 

Customized Content.

You control what your text messages say, and if you choose a manual delivery process you can even edit them prior to sending. 

One-Way Texting.

With our "No-Reply" feature, your team will not get stuck in long conversations that would be more efficiently done via phone or email.