Feb 2023 Employee of the Month: Panod


Panod Employee of Month

CloseSimple’s Employee of the Month Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of one of our valuable team members each month. The award is selected & passed down by the previous months winner.

February’s CloseSimple Employee of the Month is our Head of Engineering, Panod. The award was handed down by Kaila, who had this to say about why she chose to pass it on to Panod …

"Panod is always a team player & is quick to jump in, helping while providing outstanding work & a positive attitude. Without Panod we would not be where we are today! It's been incredible to see him constantly pushing the bar in helping to make our visions of product enhancements a reality."

Here at CloseSimple, we believe "teamwork makes the dream work," and each member makes the dream a reality. Paul Stine, CEO and Co-Founder of CloseSimple had this to say about Panod:

"I remember the early days when it was just the two of us ideating, selling, implementing, and supporting CloseSimple. He was a force of nature when it came wearing ALL of the hats, all-the-while making it all look effortless. We literally would not be here today without Panod." 

Bill Svoboda, Co-Founder and Brand Evangelist of CloseSimple puts it this way as he describes how valuable Panod is to the team:

"In the early days, I vividly remember having 'working lunches' of Panod's condo. We'd work on developing the CloseSimple platform, while eating a budget-friendly lunch of frozen pizza or homemade spaghetti. It was just Paul, Panod and me ... chasing a dream and loving every minute. So when Paul and I would travel around the country to title conferences and actually market/sell CloseSimple, people would come up to us asking about Panod and sharing stories of how amazing he was."

Teamwork definitely makes the dream work, and Panod not only makes the dream work, but he leads by example. Even as our team has grown, he is often often the last one in the office, putting in the hours to ensure our product is delivering for our customers.

Cheers to you Panod!

~ The CloseSimple Team