March 2023 Employee of the Month: Terry


Terry - Employee of Month (1)

CloseSimple’s Employee of the Month Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of one of our valuable team members each month. The award is selected & passed down by the previous months winner.

March's CloseSimple Employee of the Month is one of our software engineers, Terry. The award was handed down by Panod, who had this to say about why he chose to pass it on to Terry …

"Terry Capan's passion for hard work extends beyond the boundaries of his role as a Senior UX Engineer.  He can often be seen jumping in to assist team members with their high-priority technical product issues, advocate for the end-user experience regarding a feature, and lead a biweekly interdepartmental meeting to help resolve the technical implementation process."

Here at CloseSimple, we believe "teamwork makes the dream work," and each member makes the dream a reality. Nate Niemi, VP of Product and our CTO had this to say about Terry:

"Terry makes it happen, with a flourish and a gold chain.  His technical skill and eye for design was key in the successful launch of the new CloseSimple Portal product.

Teamwork definitely makes the dream work, and Terry not only makes the dream work, but he leads by example. Panod even added, "Actions speak louder than words, and Terry's actions exemplify the best qualities at CloseSimple.."  In doing this, Terry lives up to one of our core value at CloseSimple: Ownership.

Terry truly "owns" whatever is put in front of him - not only completing it, but completing it with excellence.

Cheers to you Terry ... and check out our Instagram for 8 things you probably didn't know about Terry ;)

~ The CloseSimple Team