Our Team Will Not Use This ... Or Will They?


will my team utilize what closesimple offers? 

In the fast-paced world of title and escrow, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Innovative tools and technologies can be game-changers, but there's often one significant roadblock – convincing your team to embrace these changes. You may have heard the common claim, "Our team won't use this." But what if we told you that they could, and they should? In this blog post, we'll explore the common resistance some teams have with software and how CloseSimple can benefit your title and escrow professionals. 

The U.S. Chamber recently released a study that shows how the use of technology is growing among business teams. Check out some of these statistics that echo software growth: 

  • 93% of small business owners report that they use at least one type of technology to help run their business 
  • 86% of small business owners in the U.S. believe that technology platforms have helped their business survive through COVID-19, and 87% believe technology has helped them grow in challenging conditions 
  • 88% of small business owners say that the use of technology platforms helps them to find more enjoyment in running their business 

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“I am concerned about …” 

Have some concerns? You’re not the only one! Many businesses are hesitant to use software due to concerns about complexity, lack of transition support, and integration. 

- Ease of use: At CloseSimple, we often say, “If it’s not simple, we named it wrong.” Simplicity is at the core of our product. Our goal is to make our customers’ lives easier, so we designed our product with ease in mind. The CloseSimple portal allows users to see everything in one place, making it extremely user friendly. 

- Training & Support: When implementing with CloseSimple, our customers receive training and guidance to assure a seamless transition. If you aren’t succeeding, then neither are we. Our team set you up for success and is eager to answer any questions along the way. 

- Integration: CloseSimple integrates with SoftPro, Ramquest, ResWare, and Greenfolders.  Camille White, one of our customers, said “Because it's integrated into RamQuest, as soon as we finish funding a loan and we click a button to print our checks, an automated email goes out. It helps us make sure things aren't falling through the cracks.” Blog Images


The Bottom Line: Benefits 

No matter how great the software is or seamless the transition is, your team will only use the software if it benefits them. So, what’s in it for you and your team? Let’s take a look. 

- Increased Efficiency

CloseSimple helps streamline processes, reduce manual work, and increase productivity. Kati Cumberland, title professional at Title Group of Tennessee, says, “In the title business, you're constantly putting out fires. CloseSimple gives us more time to focus on the million other things we're dealing with.”

- Accuracy

With the CloseSimple automations, title agents no longer have to worry about missing something. You can rest assured that all the right documents are going out at the right time. “It's really revolutionized how we communicate with all of our clients,” Kati says. “We just do our thing, and CloseSimple does its thing, and people are constantly getting updates. I mean, I don't really think there's a better way.”

- Saves Time

Our customers no longer spend hours and hours communicating, as CloseSimple does it for them. With less time spent communicating, our customers now have time to focus on more strategic tasks. “We’re giving our customers the information they need before they even know to ask for it,” says Camille, a customer of CloseSimple. This makes her team look—and feel—amazing, with a lot less busywork.

Moving forward

CloseSimple's software has the potential to transform your title and escrow operations for the better. While the initial resistance to change is natural, it's essential to address concerns, demonstrate the benefits, involve your team, and provide the necessary support. With the right approach, you can confidently say, "'our team will use this" and watch as your team embraces CloseSimple's software to enhance their efficiency and success in the title and escrow industry.