It's All About Communication


Monthly Industry Pulse with Co-Founder, Paul Stine


Over the past 2 weeks I've had the opportunity to talk with underwriters, c-suite execs, leaders at independent companies, and escrow staff members, and I keep hearing the same things:

"It's all about communication. When communication is bad, it creates noise and hassle. When it's good, life is good!"


At the same time our team has been deep-diving into some of the best companies in the world and how they have really taken customer experience to the next level.


We dropped the findings (which area really cool), along with some ideas into an eBook that is now available for download. Grab it here.

Now with the craziness we're all experiencing, taking time to read an eBook might sound impossible right now - let alone implementing anything new. But in this 5-minute video I propose something really simple that any title company could implement TODAY. I think this might make a world of difference in decreasing noise and taking something off your escrow team's plate. Watch now.


A note from Co-Founder, Bill Svoboda:

It's crazy busy in Title right now.

Who are the Title companies that are going to come out as winners?

What are they doing differently? Watch the video below, and I'll tell you.




Grab resources that will help you come out ahead of the competition:




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The Strive for Five, 

The definitive guide for how Google reviews can help Title & Escrow companies increase their online presence & gain business in a crowded market.


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