5 Ways to Reduce the Number of Questions from Realtors


If you’re in title or escrow, you’re probably looking for ways to optimize your communication with real estate agents (i.e., ways to reduce the number of questions you get from them) during the closing process.


The #1 way to do this is to proactively communicate with them.


I know what you’re thinking though … “I already communicate with them what they need to know.”


Well, if you’re reading this right now and want to reduce the number of questions they’re asking, then it’s apparent they have questions about the timeline they want to be addressed that, for some reason, are not being addressed. Maybe they’re just randomly thinking of them and reaching out, but whenever I notice a trend in my own life (something that bugs me, like a lot of questions from real estate agents probably bugs you), I ask myself, “What can I do about this?”


These constant emails, calls, and inquiries are what we call "Noise" and it's a HUGE disruption during your day.


So to start, the easiest thing you can do is to simply let the real estate agent know that you received their file. This will alleviate their first “big” question: “Did you get my file?”


From that point on, consider what Amazon, Domino’s, and Netflix have done for their consumer experience. They’ve allowed a peak behind the curtain to know what's going on at any point in the transaction. You can do the same by proactively updating your real estate partners at each major step of the closing process.


Doing so will proactively answer many of the questions they would normally ask. That saves both you and them a lot of time!


When I talk about communication in title, I always focus on what I call the 3 Ws, which include telling the real estate agent and client

  1. Where they’ve been
  2. Where they are
  3. Where they’re going


Think about it like this: if you can order a pizza from Domino’s and know its status along the way (from “order received” to “baking in the oven” to “out of delivery”), then shouldn’t your real estate partners and clients be able to know the status of their closing throughout the whole process?


In this free guide, Breakthrough: 5 Steps to Optimize Communication & Reduce Questions from Real Estate Agents, I outline 5 steps you can take to get fewer questions from real estate agents during the closing process.


As a former title agent who closed an average of 80-100 files per month, I know how draining it can be to constantly hear the same questions from your real estate partners throughout the closing process. That’s why I’ve outlined 5 things that you can do right now to optimize your communication with real estate agents and clients. Download your free copy of the guide today.



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