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5 Ways to Reduce the Number of Questions from Realtors


If you’re in title or escrow, you’re probably looking for ways to optimize your communication with real estate agents...

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5 Steps to Get Real Estate Agents Out of Your Inbox


If you’re a title or escrow agent, have you ever caught yourself thinking any of these common phrases?


“I wish this...

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5 Best Email and Text Templates

Do you spend a lot of time writing emails to realtors, lenders, and customers to answer their questions about the...

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Moving From Busywork to Dreaming in Title

If you’re working in title in 2020, you are probably stressed, overworked, and wondering when you’re going to get a...

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Are You Stoned or Stuck?

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and flat-out tired in your job? Well, have you ever considered that the way you work...

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