[VIDEO] ALTA One Innovation & Growth Panel

It was a huge honor having our co-founder, Bill Svoboda, moderate the Agent Innovation & Growth Panel at ALTA One 2018 (October 9-12th) in Los...

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5 Things to do in Minneapolis at ALTA Bootcamp + How to Get 20 New Deals/Month

We're excited that Minneapolis, MN will be hosting the upcoming ALTA Innovation Bootcamp because this is our hometown and we know a thing or two...

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3 Ways Text Messaging Can Add to Your Bottom Line

A Personal Story (Mine & Yours)

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Press Release: RamQuest Users Get Text Messaging and the Pizza Tracker for Title™

“We’re excited to add CloseSimple to our network of Closing Market providers. This integration will help our customers in their communication...

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The RamQuest & CloseSimple Integration is Here!

Over the past few years (since quitting our jobs and going full time in late 2016), we've heard a lot of conversations about CloseSimple that...

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10 Things the Title Industry can learn from Rap Music [Pt 2/2]

In our previous post on 10 things that the Title Industry can learn from Rap Music, we outlined 5 tactics used by some of the best in the game to...

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10 Things the Title Industry can learn from Rap Music [pt 1/2]

Did you hear the news?  The American Land Title Association (ALTA) is featuring a Atlanta-based rapper Brandon Blue to set the tone for ALTA...

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3 Marketing Tips from RamQuest User Group to Drive your Business

And just like that, the RamQuest User Group Conference came and went, and wow, it was FUN!  We got to meet so many cool title companies from...

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The Zappos Customer Care Challenge [Step by Step Process]

I previously discussed the importance of shifting from a mentality of Customer Service, to Customer Care (being reactive to being pro-active in...

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Please, close your Customer Service Department

Before co-founding CloseSimple in 2014, I started an online custom t-shirt company in 2004 out of my college dorm room.  As a 20 year old kid I...

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