[Product Release] Wiring Instruction Delivery

Introducing CloseSimple's Wiring Instruction Delivery: Keeping Title and Escrow Professionals Secure.

In today's digital landscape, wire fraud has become a prevalent concern within the title and escrow industry. At CloseSimple, we believe that technology plays a crucial role in preventing wire fraud, but we also understand that education, consistent messaging, and uncompromising processes are the keys to combatting this threat effectively. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our latest product feature: Secure Wiring Instruction Delivery

628 Wiring Instruction

CloseSimple's Wiring Instruction Delivery, available through the Collaborative Portal, is designed to empower title companies by providing a secure platform for sending and receiving documents during the real estate closing process. However, our commitment to combating wire fraud goes beyond technology solutions. We focus on three tenets to ensure the safety and security of your customers: education, consistency in message, and uncompromising processes.

First, education is paramount when it comes to preventing wire fraud. Through our Real-Time Communications, delivered via email and text, your clients will receive 4-6 communications on every transaction. These communications include vital information about wire fraud, such as educational videos and warnings like "Don't be a victim of wire fraud!"

By consistently reinforcing the importance of vigilance, we empower your clients to stay informed and alert.

Here is a video that our customers commonly embed in their collaborative portal:

Second, consistency in message is key to preventing any gaps in wire fraud prevention efforts. CloseSimple's Real-Time Communications are automated through popular title production software like SoftPro, ResWare, RamQuest, and GreenFolders. This automation ensures that every client receives the same educational content and consistent messages throughout the transaction. With CloseSimple, you'll never miss an opportunity to keep everyone in the loop about wire fraud risks.

Finally, uncompromising processes are essential to maintaining the highest level of security. CloseSimple provides a single, secure location for your clients to access their wiring instructions via the Collaborative Portal. Throughout the transaction, clients can refer back to the portal, backed by comprehensive logs to prove its effectiveness. Your internal team is empowered to direct clients to the portal confidently, eliminating the temptation to send wiring instructions via email. A simple directive like "Get your wiring instructions in the portal, we won't send them to you any other way" ensures a secure and streamlined process.

CloseSimple's Wiring Instruction Delivery goes beyond technology to address the critical aspects of wire fraud prevention: education, consistency in message, and uncompromising processes. By leveraging our secure Collaborative Portal, title and escrow professionals can protect their clients and transactions while increasing efficiency and embracing technology. Stay ahead of wire fraud risks with CloseSimple and create a secure closing experience for your customers.

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