CloseSimple + RamQuest; Elevate Your Closing Experience


Does your title or escrow company run on RamQuest?


If so, you might be wondering how to get more out of your RamQuest integration.


In our CloseSimple + RamQuest white paper, we show you how to achieve better communication with real estate agents and clients.


CloseSimple is a full Closing Market integration that can be utilized in three ways:

  1. Manual/Semi-Auto
  2. Automated
  3. Combination


In this white paper, we break down the different options with their pros and cons. We also explain the texting and email automation services that CloseSimple offers.


In 2017, CloseSimple introduced the title industry to text messaging, creating the first-ever integrated text platform sending text message notifications. Then, in 2020, after sending hundreds of thousands of texts to keep people connected, two-way texting was added. Both are great options for title companies and work great with RamQuest, but we strongly suggest starting with one-way texting (similar to what a doctor or dentist utilizes to update you regarding appointments).


In addition, CloseSimple takes the security of your information very seriously and has implemented an email delivery strategy that reflects that. We integrate with your current email platform, allowing you to easily send beautifully crafted emails to all your real estate partners and clients throughout the closing process.


If your title or escrow company uses RamQuest and you want to get the most out of that title production software, check out our white paper, CloseSimple + RamQuest: An Inside Look at the Integration.

You can also learn more about our RamQuest integration.


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