CloseSimple Launches Integrated E-Sign Anything Solution for the Title Industry


Minneapolis, MN, April 22nd, 2024 -- CloseSimple, a leading innovator in the real estate industry based out of Minneapolis, MN, announced today that it has launched “E-Sign Anything,” a new E-Signing platform designed specifically for the Title Industry. 

E-Sign Anything integrates with your title production software, allowing you to tag and send documents for secure signing.

"Since launching in the Title industry, we’ve continued to release products and features that are designed to streamline our users’ day-to-day activities.” said Paul Stine, CEO and Co-Founder of CloseSimple. "Adding an integrated E-Sign solution gives them another way to save time and increase efficiency in their process.”

E-Signing has been an adopted practice during the Real Estate transaction for years, and adoption of E-Signatures has grown globally by nearly 10x over the past 5 years. However, most solutions on the market do not offer ease of use or integration with the widely used closing software in the industry.

“E-Sign Anything is one of the biggest game-changers for our title company,” says Jessica Coontz, a CloseSimple customer and the Director of Compliance and Operations Development at Kingdom Title in Akron, Ohio. “Our real estate agents and clients were blown away by its ease of use. Signatures are now completed promptly without follow-ups. I can't imagine our title world without CloseSimple!”

“As we’ve rolled out our collaboration portal, we have been helping our customers consolidate the number of platforms they need to access to do their jobs.” said Nate Niemi, CTO and VP of Product at CloseSimple. “Perhaps more importantly, we’re helping our customers create consistency in the closing experience they are providing to their buyer, seller, Realtor, and lender clients."

About CloseSimple
CloseSimple, based out of Minneapolis, MN is a high-growth, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution used by title companies, escrow companies, and real estate attorneys to enhance the experience of closing on a real estate transaction with automated text message updates, custom branded email, the Pizza Tracker for Title™ visual timeline, and client-facing portal. CloseSimple's platform leverages strategic integrations to bring buyers, sellers, realtors, lenders and attorneys into one digital closing experience, driving efficiencies, consistency in process, and differentiation in the market for its customers.

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