[PRESS RELEASE] CloseSimple Launches Industry Magazine: Growth & Scale Report

MINNEAPOLISNovember 7th, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- CloseSimple, a leading innovator in the real estate industry based out of Minneapolis, MN, announced today that it has formally launched a new industry magazine titled the "Growth and Scale Report". This is their first edition and will have more to come. 

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“Why doesn’t the title and escrow industry have a magazine to highlight the amazing people in our industry?” This was the thought that CloseSimple’s Co-Founder and Brand Evangelist, Bill Svoboda, had as he was on a flight to ALTA One in 2022. Noticing the Delta magazine in the seat back in front of him, the idea of the Growth and Scale Report sparked. 

Growing your title or escrow company requires a balance between sales and operational efficiency. Focusing solely on one at the expense of the other can lead to challenges. “The Growth and Scale Report intentionally dives into the mindset of both,” explains Paul Stine, Co-Founder and CEO of CloseSimple, “offering a blueprint that others can follow.” Something happens when this balance is achieved, and we want all of the readers to experience that success. 

“I want to showcase their hard work,” said Bill, “making them the true rockstars.” Through modern magazine design and individual stories, the goal of this magazine is to amaze those outside our industry with our capabilities. 

Over the years, Bill, Paul and the entire team at CloseSimple have met remarkable people with inspiring, untold stories in the title and escrow industry. The Growth and Scale Report aims to share their tales, hoping to inspire others in more ways than they already have. 

The first edition of this report highlights 9 professionals, including Jenny Martin, John Voso, Jim Blair IV, Rick Diamond, Ben White, Kay Underwood, Brie McDaniel, David Arbit, and Deidra Facey (from Omni Hotel & Resorts). 

So who can benefit from this magazine? The Growth and Scale Report is tailored for title and escrow professionals looking for inspiration. However, anyone, regardless of industry, encountering the Growth & Scale Report, can apply its principles to elevate their unique roles or businesses.

It's easy to get caught up in the rules and regulations of our industry, or to feel overwhelmed by the uncertainties of a changing market. That's why we wanted to create something where the inspiring stories of individuals in our field could be shared. This industry feels like a family, and our hope is that this initiative brings us closer together, even if we are in different cities or states.

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About CloseSimple

CloseSimple, based out of Minneapolis, MN is a high-growth, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution used by title companies, escrow companies, and real estate attorneys to enhance the experience of closing on a real estate transaction. CloseSimple's platform leverages strategic integrations to bring buyers, sellers, realtors, lenders and attorneys into one digital closing experience, driving efficiencies, consistency in process, and differentiation in the market for its customers.