That Floats - Tight Black Tees with CloseSimple


"Oh hey guys, do you get a group rate on  tight black T-shirts?..."


Once you get through watching our co-founders Bill and Paul get razzed by That Floats hosts, Dave Townsend, and Craig Haskins (which is laugh-out-loud funny), there is some great information on how CloseSimple got founded, the ups and downs of starting out new in The Title industry, and why it's changing the industry.


Watch this witty, engaging episode about these two guys from Minnesota who didn't even know what the word "escrow" meant when they started back in 2016:


What we all know is true in the Closing world: Communication is tough (or in other words, it sucks!) ... and CloseSimple helps solve that problem.


Without CloseSimple the closing process currently requires title agents to pick up the phone to let Realtors, Lenders, and buyers what part of the process they are in. And sometimes agents are just too busy to do this. Thus the end users are in the dark. We want to be better, we just simply don't have the time.


So instead of relying on these manual calls, CloseSimple allows title agents to automated notifications via text and/or email at each milestone, and get this, it happens directly from your TPS. It makes it look like you are the greatest communicator ever!


This software integration allows Title agents to get credit in real-time for what they are already doing. It's what differentiates you from the title agent down the street.


If you're terrible at communicating, this does it for you....If you're great at communicating, but it takes up too much time, this allows you to automate it.


And it's fully customizable, better than matching tight black tees? We think so. Here is a quick video to show you how CloseSimple works.


We can all be doing a better job of letting people know where they are at, but we're just too busy. This allows you to communicate the way we know we should be, without the extra time it takes.


And good news: we're out of the Best Western and into the "big kid" hotels.