[EMAIL Hack] Email, your Smart Phone & actually Sleeping through the night.

It's 3:08am (yes, in the middle of the night) and you're in bed.  You just woke up from the start of a restful nights sleep, so what do you do next?  According to a Deloitte study, if you're like 1 in 3 people, you're probably checking your smart phone.

On top of that, again, if you're like most people, you check your phone over 100 times per day.  Can you believe that?! Seriously, 100+ times per day!

That may not be your habit, but that is exactly what the average person is doing, and it's actually impacting the health of the person doing it.

Email can control our lives... and ruin it.

In our previous blog post we discussed how constant connectivity to email, social media, texts and calls can actually cause you to score lower on an IQ test than someone who is stoned because our brains are constructed to be pro-active, not reactive.  Constantly reacting to others concerns and issues can literally cause us to become "dumb."

In this post we want to outline one simple Email Hack that you can do to regain your life, stop checking your phone in the middle of the night and actually have a restful night sleep... and it has nothing to do with your actual email.  Are you ready?

Get an alarm clock.

Seriously, get an alarm clock (that thing we all grew up with that just showed the time, allowed you to set an alarm and maybe even play the radio) and put your smart phone where it belongs: On a desk and charging... away from your bed where you might casually check the time, along with the new text messages and maybe email or social media.

This is the most low-tech way to relieve high-tech stress. 

You will regain your sleep and you will be able to actually turn "off" your business life, and turn "on" your personal life.