[CLIENTS] New Features

New things are here and even more coming soon!


We wanted to update you to recap some of the things we have rolled out in past weeks and let you know what's coming soon!


Here are some new things to know about:

  • Admin updates were released a couple weeks back that give you a LOT better tools to manage your program.
  • The first version of our Knowledge Base was released 2 weeks ago. This will be a continually growing repository of "how-tos" and more information for CloseSimple.
  • Support protocol is changing for enhancement requests. While Jake will still be your go-to on CloseSimple, please direct any requests for program enhancements to support@closesimple.com and our team will take care of them.
  • ...And... We're super excited to introduce monthly Reporting. Starting next Friday you will get a monthly recap of usage data on CloseSimple.

In July we'll be releasing a portal that includes 90-day look-back on reporting, ytd information, and access to an entire reporting suite that allows you to dig even deeper into your CloseSimple/business data.