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Creating Social Media Content - Online Marketing for the Title Industry [Pt. 3]

Bill Svoboda on January 30, 2018

Ever wonder what you should be posting about on Social Media?  In Part 2 of our Online Marketing for the Title Industry, we gave 3 easy ways to come up with general content, so in this post we wanted to give 3 Easy Ways (Hacks) to Create Content specifically for your Social Media.

To begin, let's be clear on what good content is vs. what good content is not:

- Good Content creates things to talk about and opportunities for others to join the conversation; it is not one-way dialog or rants.

- Good Content centers around conversations that are already happening in the people's lives who are following you; it is not just you talking about yourself.

- Good Content creates a rich history of content that (when someone goes back to look through) will make you a Subject Matter Expert on the topic that you are speaking on; it is not a bunch of random thoughts that have no overarching purpose.

- Good Content adds a personal touch and humanizes your online presence; it should not feel auto-generated and cold (like a robot wrote it).

With that understanding, here are 3 Easy Ways (Hacks) to Create Content that actually Adds Value, Creates Conversations & help make you look like a Subject Matter Expert... ultimately helping you Grow your Business:

1- Add Pictures: Add Pictures to your Social Feed to make it easier (and more engaging) on people scrolling through your feed, and "humanize" your social feed with content that makes you appear more approachable.  Here are a few creative Ideas that we re-posted from some of our favorite people/companies to follow:

You can find pictures online, then re-post them, or you can snap pics around your office.  One thing to note though- if you are re-posting someone's pics on your own social newsfeed, it's always good to give them photo credit.

2- Re-Post: Find Interesting content by interesting people/companies and re-post it.  The nice thing about this is that you are re-posting content that you think already adds value- and you are not having to create it from scratch.  The downside is that you don't fully get the credit for the content, but if you are looking for a quick way to Add Value to a conversation, this is an easy way!  Here's a recent piece of content that we re-posted:

3- Tag-A-Friend (or Influencer): Tag someone (like we did in the example above) who is either a friend or influencer.  It's also great to start making content with a friend or influencer.  We have been working on blog posts, videos and podcasts with friends and influencers in the industry to add value to our audience.  Here is an example of how we tagged the American Land Title Association (ALTA) in a recent post by reposting one of their upcoming webinars.

4- Give Business/Life Tips: (I know, I know, I promised 3, but #4 is so good... and easy.)  Have you been influenced by a quote recently?  Post it! If you are looking for great ways to fill in spaces in your content calendar (more to come on that in a future post), try doing a "Motivation Monday" post that goes out to your network... or a "Thought for Thursday" quote.  Here are a few good examples:

Bottomline: Social Media Content should always Add Value, Create Conversation and help make you look like a Subject Matter Expert.  If you look at "what to post" through those 3 lenses, you will win, and win BIG!

At CloseSimple, we are all about helping Title Companies communicate during the Closing Process through Automated Emails & Text Messages, using our Closing Timeline (Pizza Tracker for Title).  Although we are not a marketing company, we do love helping you Grow your Title Business, so please let us know any way we can help, and if you are looking to add efficiency and automation to your business, to drive growth and deliver an exceptional consumer experience, please let us know and we'd love to chat about how CloseSimple can help you!

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