[VIDEO] CloseSimple + ResWare Partner Webinar

We are excited to be a part of this official webinar hosted by ResWare, "Grow your Business: Custom Texts & Emails with ResWare and CloseSimple."  You can check out the recording here ...

If you are on ResWare (or considering ResWare), check out this webinar to see how our Automated Text Messages, Beautiful Email & Pizza Tracker for Title™ can set you apart from the competition, gain valuable efficiencies and grow your sales.

The 30-minute webinar is hosted by ResWare features our co-founders Bill Svoboda and Paul Stine, along with bringing on one of our largest ResWare clients to chat about how this has helped his company who highlighted:

  • The CloseSImple Semi-Automated or Fully-Automated ResWare options; closers want to know what's being communicated and to whom
  • How CloseSimple has helped create a competitive advantage within a market.
  • How you control all aspects of the customer communications. 
  • How the CloseSimple team creates all the digital visual assets, including the branding and responsive email design work.
  • How the Text Message & Email Updates provide customers with full visibility into transaction status.
  • Ways to increase Google reviews and search presence.