[CLIENTS] Introducing CloseSimple Reporting

Over the 6+ years of helping Title Companies communicate better, we’ve slowly been adding reporting capabilities into our platform. Until today, most of that information has been used internally to ensure we’re building products that can scale at the rate of our (and our customers’) growth.



However, for the first time in CloseSimple’s history, we’re finally in a position to begin delivering usage AND business-level data. We couldn’t be more thrilled about this, and the possibilities are endless.


First, a couple things to get out of the way:


1. As a reminder, we do not store our customer’s information long-term. We simply use it to deliver emails and texts, then dispose of it using industry best practices


2. Anything we DO keep, we anonymize anything that could be problematic for us and/or for you.


3. We’re going to be rolling out reporting in phases. But today’s a great start


The CloseSimple Reporting Roadmap:

Phase 1: Today you are seeing Phase 1 of our reporting rollout. It includes the first of many monthly emails you will receive showcasing high-level usage information about CloseSimple. It includes 7 key data points:

Total Number of Files Opened
Total Number of Files Closed
Total Number of CloseSimple Steps Completed
Total Number of Emails Sent through CloseSimple
Total Number of Text Messages Sent through CloseSimple
Total Number of Files Closed with CloseSimple to date
Total Emails & Texts sent


Phase 2 (July 2020): Next month (June data) we’ll be adding some additional information that will start to give you a closer look into your business:

Average Number of Days from Open to Closed
Average Number of Days Open to Commitment Completed
Average Number of Days from Open to Scheduled
Total number of unique people reached
Percentage of Files Closed


Phase 3 (July/August 2020): In Phase 3, we’ll be adding the CloseSimple Customer Portal for more in-depth reporting.


The customer portal on closesimple.com is rolling out in about 45 days, and will give you access to all of your marketing resources, internal training/onboarding materials, as well as a deeper dive into the reports listed above. For each report you’ll have the opportunity to look back 1, 2, and 3 months to see 90-day trends as well as see numbers for YTD metrics. We’re excited to give you this amazing look into how your teams are using CloseSimple, as well as a snapshot of the health of your business


Phase 4 (Ongoing): More data
We can’t wait to hear from you the information that you’d love to see in your reports each month (and always available on closesimple.com). In Phase 4 and beyond we’ll continue to add more data to help you get a clearer look at your business.


How to Look at your Data + Next Steps:

The data you just saw in your first email may surprise you a little bit. Perhaps you’ll find that your CloseSimple usage is off the charts! Or perhaps you’ll find that you’re opening almost all of your orders on CloseSimple, but usage is tailing off a bit as you get towards “closed.”
Regardless of how you see it, you’ll notice that with the data we’re presenting today and what we’re planning to show you in the future is and will be powerful. Along with that, the more you use ClosSimple, the better reporting we can turn around and show you. With that in mind, here are a few optional next steps for you:


1. Schedule time to meet with Jake. You can book on his calendar here, or email jake@closesimple.com. We’re reserved all of Jake’s next 4 weeks to work with you to either A. Get your users rolling on your existing CloseSimple program, or B. Get your program revamped so your users are more compelled to actually… use it.

2. Give us feedback! If there is data you’d like to see or have thoughts on Phases 2-4, we would LOVE to hear them. Please email paul@closesimple.com with any further thoughts/questions.