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[VIDEO] SoftPro & CloseSimple Webinar - January 2020

Bill Svoboda on January 22, 2020
SoftPro Webinar

If you're on SoftPro and have been thinking about bringing CloseSimple's Automated Text Messages, Beautiful Emails & the Pizza Tracker for Title™ to your company, check out this live recorded demo of CloseSimple on SoftPro.

Hosted by our Co-Founder Paul Stine, this webinar will show how CloseSimple works on SoftPro, while describing how some of our best clients are using CloseSimple to GROW their sales and increase efficiencies.

If you still have questions after the video, why not set up a free demo to see it in action on SoftPro (
see all our integrations).

Schedule a Free Demo >>
Also, are you interested in seeing what our 5-Most Used Timeline Steps, Email and Text Message Templates look like?
Download our 5 Most Used Emails & Texts >>

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