[VIDEO] What Slow Season?



2020 seems to have started off hot. As I have been on calls with many of you, the common theme is "we just keep getting busier and busier". There has not been much of a slow season as there has been in the past. We at CloseSimple want to make the life of your team easier and less stressful. Here are a couple of things we are doing in 2020 to help!


30,60,90-Day Calls:

After launching on CloseSimple, we love to check in and make sure we have the program set up perfectly for your business. During these calls, I like to hear about how your company works and what we can do within your CloseSimple program to help save your user’s time. I love to hear you and your team’s feedback. GET ON THESE CALLS, I promise they are going to benefit you and your business. I am here to help you get you and your team comfortable running on CloseSimple. If you are done with your check-in calls and you would like to continue having the calls, send us an email we can get something on the calendar!

Marketing Assets:

We have two really amazing marketing tools for you business. One is a custom marketing one-pager. Many of you have already gotten one, others of you received within this email. This is a great tool to post on your social media or place in an email. We also know it is great to have something to hand out to agents. www.moo.com is a great site you can use to order prints of the one-pager.

We also can make a marketing video custom to your brand. We have been hearing really great feedback from those who have already ordered them. This minute-long video is a great tool to put out in your market to show what sets your business above the rest.  Click HERE to see a sample. For $495.00 you can get this amazing asset ordered today! Videos take 2-3 weeks to build, you will get updates from me throughout the process. 

Knowledgebase Videos and CloseSimple Tools:

We have been gearing up to help you as a user to have a better understanding with how CloseSimple works. We are going to provide videos for training for anything from navigating our admin site to self-diagnose what you may be experiencing. We want to give you the keys to your program so you can take them an own it.