From Never Seeing a Future in Title To Now Thriving. How Did He Do It?


Time to Act 

In March of 2020, the entire world was entering into a pandemic with many unknowns. Businesses were forced to shut down and sent into a panic. While many stepped back, Anthony Neff rolled up his sleeves and saw an opportunity. The Co-Founder and CEO of CloseSimple, Paul Stine, and Neff had a conversation in March of 2020 about CloseSimple. 6 months later, Neff and his team were rolling it out. 

“I wish we had found CloseSimple 6 months prior and we had it in place at the start of COVID,” says Neff, “because my life would have been a lot easier.”

A Closer Look: Anthony Neff 

Anthony Neff, co-owner of Pennsylvania Land Titles, said that at one point, he had “no interest in getting into title whatsoever.” His father, who owned a title company called Anthony one day and asked him to come work for him. Neff soon learned to never say never as he became the owner of the company 6 months after starting work for his father. 

After another 6 months passed, the mortgage crisis of 2008 began and Neff’s company barely pulled through. He described that period of time as a time of learning a lot. They grew their company into what it is today, with a better foundation due to the struggles they pushed through. 

“I don’t wanna be the best title company,” says Neff, “we wanna have a remarkable experience.” Anthony Neff and his team take it further than striving to be a great title company, they want to be a great company …period. 

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Communication is Key 

In a world with more access to communication than ever before, it is mind blowing that it remains the number one complaint during the closing process. It is a rare occurrence that you actually hear back from a title company during the closing process. Neff says “the recurring theme I see is zero communication.” 

Why invest in better communication? Not only does bad communication result in a negative experience for your customers, but it also creates problems for your team and/or employees. 

Communication during the closing process is crucial as it fosters understanding, transparency, and trust among all parties. Clear and timely communication ensures that everyone involved comprehends their roles and responsibilities, minimizes misunderstandings, and prevents potential bottlenecks. It allows for swift issue resolution, adjustments to unexpected challenges, and the management of expectations regarding timelines and required documents. Ultimately, it contributes to a successful and harmonious closing process. 

Let’s Talk Security … 

Concerns about security have only been growing in the past few years. Neff and his team understand the significance of this issue and are taking steps to bring assurance to their customers. 

“One thing that I really like about CloseSimple is that you don’t have to worry about sending the wrong thing to the wrong person.” says Neff. 

Pennsylvania Land Titles, in collaboration with CloseSimple, demonstrates a firm commitment to security. This proactive approach not only ensures client trust but also elevates the company's reputation as a reliable and secure title company. Through their collaboration, Pennsylvania Land Titles effectively addresses the crucial aspect of security, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of every transaction they handle. 

Against the Stream

In the competitive realm of the title industry, differentiation holds significance in establishing a distinct market presence. Anthony Neff and his dedicated team at Pennsylvania Land Titles have carved out a unique identity within the industry.

Every title company promises to close on time and accurately. What is your differentiating factor that sets you apart from all the other title companies? 

“Our reputation in this market is well-known for being on the ball,” explains Neff, “and I think that’s because of CloseSimple.” 

When talking about differentiation, look to Anthony Neff and his team. He has had several experiences where he has past clients refer their friends and family to Pennsylvania Land Titles because of their great experience. 

One way that Pennsylvania Land Titles stands out is they have put together a proven process that they give to their customers to ensure what they will receive each time they close with them. The success of Pennsylvania Land Titles lies in their ability to consistently deliver outstanding results while going the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.