How One Title Company Took on More Closings Without Increasing Staff.


At a time when many companies are struggling to keep up, Security Title in St. Louis, Missouri, has been staying ahead of the game—and looking great in the process. How?

“We've been able to do a lot more closings because of CloseSimple,” says Sheila Kelemen, Director of Systems and Training.

In fact, using the CloseSimple messaging integration for their Title Production Software, Security Title can send 10 customers updates in the time it used to take for one, freeing them up for more closings and more business.

What’s CloseSimple and how can it produce results like that?

The CloseSimple integration simplifies the process of communicating with buyers, sellers, agents, and lenders. Instead of manually creating a new email for every new step of the Title process, CloseSimple handles it all automatically, sending clean, clear messages to customers—with virtually no effort.

“With CloseSimple, we’re not putting extra work into sending out emails and text messages every day,” says Kelemen.

No time is wasted finding and attaching documents. No messages are accidentally missed. And no customer is left in the dark.

Kelemen says CloseSimple has improved efficiency so dramatically that it’s the only RamQuest integration every Title officer at Security Title is required to use.



Making Security Title look good

Another way CloseSimple helps Security Title is with its modern, custom-branded communications. Customers are recognizing and appreciating Security Title in a way they haven’t before.

Kelemen said other integration tools she’s seen can end up looking off-brand, but CloseSimple emails are so seamlessly presented with Security Title’s logo, look, and feel that it’s always clear who they’re from. Customers who’d never given their Title company a second thought now see them as a trusted partner.

“Exactly what you need”

Kelemen is quick to tell others about CloseSimple. At a recent Title conference in Texas, she shared a breakfast table with a colleague who was looking for ways to streamline his team’s work.

“I told him, ‘I think CloseSimple is exactly what you need,” says Kelemen. “I toot the horn about CloseSimple all the time. We love it.

Is your Title team ready to build business, eliminate busywork, complete more closings, and look like the hero to your customers?

Learn how CloseSimple integrates with your Title Production Software: