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Why No One Needs a Free Donut from Dunkin: Real Estate & Wire Fraud in the Wake of COVID-19

Bill Svoboda, co-founder, takes a deep dive into wire fraud, how the pandemic is giving scammers more opportunities...

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How Text Messages Can Help Grow Your Title Company

Today, customers are not comparing you to the next Title Company.  Instead, customers are comparing you and the...

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[CLIENTS] Introducing CloseSimple Reporting

Over the 6+ years of helping Title Companies communicate better, we’ve slowly been adding reporting capabilities...

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2 BIG Lessons Learned from 3 Title Conferences in 3 States, in 1 Week.


When we got into this industry 5 years ago, Paul Stine and I (Bill Svoboda), had no idea what to expect. Fast...

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[PRESS RELEASE] CloseSimple Text Messaging

CloseSimple makes it easy to send automated Text Message updates to Real Estate Agents and Consumers during the...

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[WEBINAR] Boost Growth w/ Text Messages & a Closing Timeline

Every title company is looking for a way to stand out from the next title company because Realtors & Consumers are...

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3 Ways Text Messaging Can Add to Your Bottom Line


A Personal Story (Mine & Yours)

A few weeks ago I went into my Dentist for a checkup and you know what

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Press Release: RamQuest Users Get Text Messaging and the Pizza Tracker for Title™

“We’re excited to add CloseSimple to our network of Closing Market providers. This integration will help our...

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3 Marketing Tips from RamQuest User Group to Drive your Business

And just like that, the RamQuest User Group Conference came and went, and wow, it was FUN!  We got to meet so many...

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