How to Reduce Noise in Title and Escrow

How to Reduce Noise in Title and Escrow


Do you find it hard to complete your daily tasks because of all the noise -- the constant phone calls, texts, emails, etc. from real estate agents, consumers, and lenders that bombard you all day long?

Constant "noise" can pull you away from the things you need to get done.


Noise also distracts you from proactively sending updates to real estate agents, consumers, and lenders during the closing process. And that leads to more emails, texts, and phone calls from them, which could all be avoided if you were able to send out those updates before they even thought to ask for them.


You’re definitely not alone if you feel like there’s a lot of noise distracting you from your work. But, just how noisy is it? You can take our quick 6-question quiz to find out how much noise is interfering with your productivity.

Identifying your level of noise is important, but that’s just the first step. The next is cutting out the noise (or at least most of it). This is key to becoming less stressed, more efficient, and ultimately more successful in the title and escrow industry.


So, you’re probably wondering, “How do I cut out the noise?”


I sat down with two of our CloseSimple team members, Ali and Amy, who previously worked in title, who have a combined 29 years of experience and closed 100-150 files per month between them. They talk about how to tune out the noise and how to stay focused on closing more files. You can check out our video interview with Ali and Amy after you take the short 6-question noise quiz.






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