The RamQuest & CloseSimple Integration is Here!


Over the past few years (since quitting our jobs and going full time in late 2016), we've heard a lot of conversations about CloseSimple that sound something like this:

"Yeah, I heard of that software too... a title company in our area has it.  I've seen the emails, they're beautiful and it automatically sends them out at certain points in the file.  Plus, they have this closing timeline image in each email... kind of like a Pizza Tracker for the Title Process... I even heard it can send text messages to Real Estate agents or consumers..."

Our Co-Founder Paul Stine is notorious for looking at our product development road map and saying... 

"Business is all about the customer, and making products that actually solve a customers' problem, making their lives easier and helping their business grow, not just making products."

So it's fun to see people talking about the solution we have poured ourselves into over the past 4 years (we started in title in 2014 after launching a similar product in real estate in 2013 and learning it would be a better fit in title).

With the single-minded focus on making products that help drive your business forward while adding efficiencies, we're excited to announce that after months and months of hard work, we've officially launched our RamQuest & CloseSimple integration, built right into Closing Market. 

Over the past year we've had such high demand for a RamQuest integration, so it's fun to know that we can now provide our Automated Text Messages, Emails Updates & Closing Pizza Tracker for Title™ to RamQuest users around the country.

This is a great integration for us because RamQuest is already an amazing Title Production Software, so adding CloseSimple will add another layer of efficiency that push your business forward. 

Here is a quick & simple (better be simple if our name is CloseSimple) 3-minute demo so you can see CloseSimple in action on both CCE & RQ One.





Please let us know if you'd like to Setup a Live Demo or get Pricing for your RamQuest & CloseSimple integration.