Custom &
Mobile-Friendly  Forms

Eliminate time-consuming work from your team with mobile-friendly buyer, seller, and agent information forms.

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Capture Any Information You Need From Buyers, Sellers, & Real Estate Agents. 

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Eliminate Manual Busywork

The CloseSimple Mobile-Friendly Forms are customizable, flexible, mobile-friendly forms sent via the Collaboration Portal to ensure that you get the information you need and are able to close on time.


How it Works:

Mobile-Friendly Forms & Secure E-signing Configuration


CloseSimple eSigning offers an easy way to capture eSigning on forms (such as seller payoff authorizations) and standard documents.

eSigning is available inside the Collaboration Portal, and will be delivered to clients via a task. Tasks also include auto-reminders that will be delivered until documents are signed.

  • Easily Managed: Forms for eSigning can be configured and managed utilizing the CloseSimple CMS.
  • Reminders are sent every 48 hours for 10 days, or until signed.
  • Direct Integration: Once signing is complete the signed form, completion certificate, and a copy of the eSign agreement are uploaded to the Title Production Software and made available in the user's portal.
  • Configurable Notifications: Internal teams are also notified via email as soon as documents are signed.
  • Multiple Signers are supported and are configurable by documents.
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Integrated & Automated

CloseSimple Title Production Software Integrations are industry-leading, automation-driven solutions to ensure that CloseSimple is simple to use for your internal escrow team, paralegals, pre-closers, and closers. CloseSimple is integrated with SoftPro, ResWare, RamQuest, and GreenFolders. Some specifics for each can be found below: 

SoftPro & CloseSimple Integration

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  • Integrated directly through Softpro 360
  • Available on all SoftPro Versions
  • Automated through the built-in SoftPro automation configuration
  • Designed with the ability to capture most data fields including custom fields

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RamQuest & CloseSimple Integration


  • Integrated directly through Closing Market
  • Available on all RamQuest Versions (CCE, RQOne, and Horizon)
  • Semi-Automated through task completion
  • Designed to receive all data fields sent through the standard Closing Market API

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ResWare & CloseSimple Integration

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  • Integrated directly through the ResWare API
  • Available on all ResWare versions post 8.26
  • Automated through action completion
  • Designed with the ability to capture most data fields in ResWare

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Greenfolders & CloseSimple Integration


  • CloseSimple Collaborative Portal & features exclusive to the portal are not compatible with GreenFolders. 
  • Text & Email Notifications are available on GreenFolders. 

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Customer Case Study

"Realtors can Open up their Portal, they can see all their closings with waco ... they can take that guesswork out."

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