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Paul Stine (CloseSimple Co-Founder) helps companies embrace change & achieve breakthrough performance to reach maximum results.  Each live event features energy & excitement to keep the crowd engaged, plus compelling stories from his "past life" in Digital Advertising at one of the nations top digital advertising firms.

Most Popular Keynote Talks.

A Focus on Competive Advantage Paul Stine CloseSimple.png

"A Focus on Competitive Advantage."

A strong competitive advantage starts with the story you're telling your potential customers - the narrative you're inviting them into. Have you determined yours?
(20 or 50 Minutes + Breakouts Available)

- Hear a Case study from my past life in digital advertising where simply changing the story helped us turn a $60k One-time piece of business into a long-term customer that still averages over $4 million in annual revenue.

- Explore practical ways title companies can reevaluate their stories.

- begin the journey of looking inside and then looking out to determine your competitive advantage.

- create an action plan to push your organization toward your goals.

Marketing Where do I Even Start Paul Stine CloseSimple.png

Where do I Even Start?"

Marketing may seem like a foreign world for most title companies, and a one-size fits all approach doesn't normally work. Have you identified a marketing plan to reach your goals?
(20 or 50 Minutes + Breakouts Available)

- Discover the 3 Questions that proceed every great marketing plan.

- Explore Who you are as a company (your unique identity which is different from every other title company).

- Identify who your customers and potential customers really are.

- Map out What/where is the best place to reach them?

- Write a tactical action plan with goals to reach those customers.

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