Foundation Escrow's Seamless Implementation Process with CloseSimple

Andi, manager at Foundation Escrow's San Diego office, is responsible for implementing new technology, security, and operation procedures. Andi's has recently led her team through a CloseSimple implementation and so our co-founder, Bill Svoboda, recently had an interview with her to hear more about her perspective and the experience for the Foundation Escrow team. 

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It Takes a Team 

"What was it like working with the CloseSimple team?" asked Svoboda. 

Andi replied, "I can't say enough good things about the CloseSimple team". She goes onto explain that from the initial consult call to the final implementation call, the CloseSimple team exceeded their expectations every time. Aside from the business side of things, Andi's team described CloseSimple's customer success managers as some of the "kindest" and "nicest" people they've ever worked with. 

At CloseSimple, we believe that it takes a team to make something work right, and our team is committed to that value in every implementation. 

More Than A Vendor 

"Anything we threw at your team ... they came back, were able to find a solution that worked for us, and the final product came out beautifully." explains Andi. 

Beyond implementation, the support afterwards didn't disappoint the Foundation Escrow team. "Invaluable partners" is how they view their relationship with the CloseSimple team - which is exactly how we want our customers to feel. Andi and her team were nervous that after the implementation, they'd feel alone with this new product. However, Andi has been pleasantly surprised to learn that's not the case. "It feels like they're literally at our fingertips, and that's one of the best feelings." 

Comparing Vendor Relationships

Within other vendor relationships, Andi describes it to be a lot more lift and pressure on her team. She goes on to say "I didn't have to deal with any of that with you guys". The CloseSimple onboarding team aims to make the implementation process as simple and easy for your team as possible. After all, that's why we exist. 

Positive Feedback 

Nobody likes new software, but Svoboda asked Andi how her team is approaching the new software integration. Andi went on to describe how her team absolutely loves the new software and how it has made the closing one uniform and streamlined process. "They keep wanting more", says Andi. When most software integrations comes with pushback from a team, Andi's team didn't push back at all through the CloseSimple implementation. 

In addition to Andi's team, the customers of Foundation Title also love how CloseSimple elevates the closing process. They receive automated communication, a uniform process, and updated throughout the closing. "Buyers and sellers love it," explains Andi, "and our agents are in love with it as well."