Bill Svoboda, Keynote Speaker

Bill Svoboda (CloseSimple Co-Founder) helps companies embrace change & achieve breakthrough performance to reach maximum results. Each live event features energy & excitement to keep the crowd engaged, plus compelling stories that move participants to take real-life action.

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Bill is committed to delivering specific, action-orientated ideas to impact today’s progressive leadership conference, corporate event or sales meeting.

Most Popular Keynote Talks.

You Don't Need to Advertise a Good Party - Bill Svoboda2.png

"You Don't Need To Advertise A Good Party."

How to Stay Relevant & Innovating in an Ever-Changing Industry through a Strategic Focus on Customer Care Focus.
(20 or 50 Minutes + Breakouts Available)

- Explore what change looks like. 

- Study innovative companies leading the movement to Innovate.

- discover why a customer-care focus must proceed any new innovation.

- Walk Through specific action items to move from a customer Service to customer care focus.

- create an action plan to push your organization towards innovation.

Never Wear a Rolex to a Gun Fight_Bill_Svoboda.png

"Never Wear a Rolex™ to a Gun Fight."

How to Sell Value without selling yourself short.
(20 or 50 Minutes + Breakouts Available)

- discover the evolution of the sales process (why it is not the same as 10, 20 or 30 years ago).

- learn 3 common things that can actually hurt you in the sales process.

- walk through how to identify who your actual customer is, and what they really want.

- create an action plan to deliver 3x the leads in 30 days, and go from "maybe" to "yes" in 60.

Chasing Excellence_Bill_Svoboda.png

"Chasing Excellence."

How to achieve maximum results within your organization through a top-down mindset shift.
(20 or 50 Minutes + Breakouts Available)

- Discover why most new organizational initiatives fail within the first 90 days.

- Learn a "team-first" approach to drive your organization to collaborate & achieve results.

- connect the dots between what a customer expects and what your company delivers.

- create an action plan to deliver excellence through each step in the customer experience.

Navigating the new workforce_hiring to firing and everything in between_Bill_Svoboda.png

"Navigating the new workforce: Hiring to firing & everything in between."

How to hire & retain a younger workforce.
(20 or 50 Minutes + Breakouts Available)

- Explore trends of the emerging workforce.

- Discover what that means for today's corporate culture.

- Walk through ways to attract younger talent.

- create a strategy to retain younger talent.

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