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[VIDEO] Text Messaging in Land Title Webinar

Bill Svoboda on April 10, 2020


Texting in 2020-1

Amidst all the uncertainty of the Coronavirus it's fun to see people pulling together and thinking about the future ... and on this webinar we did just that - as we talked about how Title Companies can stay connected with Realtors & Consumers during the Closing process with Text Messages. 

On the webinar we posted a Survey and discovered that over 70% of title companies ARE currently sending Text Messages during the closing process... but they are doing it with ether Company-Issued Cell Phones or the Personal Cell Phones of the Closing/Escrow Staff ... which can be both expensive and potentially not secure if a phone gets lost.

In the webinar we talked about a few ways around this, and demo'd the new CloseSimple Business Texting Program (both integrated with a Title Production Software, and without an integration ... so yes, we can finally offer core CloseSimple features to users of Qualia, AIM, FAST, E-Closing, etc.).

If you're interested in utilizing text messages in your company, feel free to sign up for our new 90-Day Free Pilot Program, or just drop me an email and I can get you more info.


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