[FREE TIP SHEET] Social Media Strategy for Title Companies ~ Our MLTA Presentation Takeaways.

It was a huge privilege for us to be able to present at the Minnesota Land Title Association's Spring Forward event on the topic of Social Media in the Tittle Industry. Before we even hit on social media strategies, we discussed how to build the right website to actually get indexed on Google, how to setup Google PlacesBusinessAdwords & Webmaster accounts to track your online presence, and then some best practices for what content is worth posting (and which performs best).

Once we laid out these basics, we then hit on how to use Social Media to attract new eyes to your content... but unless you have a website, get the right google tracking tools and actually have content, social media is probably more of a distraction than a necessary thing to do right now.

As a best practice, your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc.) should be social... meaning, conversational.  No more one-way talking to people about why title is important... instead, give resources on your website for "what title actually is," "why title is important," "why title costs what it does," etc... then link social posts to this information.  Consider video instead of text to describe these things as well... or pay someone a few bucks to create an Infograph.  You might even consider going on Fiverr for cheap Infograph creation.

Bottomline, create content then turn to social to have conversations about it, not simply telling people about it.  Also, once you post great content on your site or blog, don't just post it to social media... go on social media, Like and Follow people that you would hope might Like and Follow you, then have conversations about them, about what they are posting and about what they care about... then once you gain trust, start peppering in your content on your own wall/board and see what they do to interact back.  

Here's little Tip Sheet we made (10 things you can do right away!) to help your online presence, and although we are not a social media company, if you need any clarification, please drop us a Contact Message and we'd love to run through your online and social media strategy with you!

Comment below with any additional thoughts!

Social Media Strategy for Title Companies